Niagara County Provides Solar Eclipse Information

Niagara County Director of Emergency Services Jonathan Schultz today released a Powerpoint Presentation for local residents that provides a significant amount of information on the upcoming solar eclipse.  The eclipse will happen on Monday, April 8th and it expected to draw a significant amount of visitors to our region beginning the week before.

“Niagara County is expected to have one of the best views of the solar eclipsed anywhere and that is drawing visitors to our community beyond what we might even see at the height of tourism season,” said Schultz.  “While certainly that is great for our economy, there are potentially public safety issues, traffic issues and so on that we must prepare for.”

Schultz has put together a presentation on the latest information that can be found by clicking here.

Destination Niagara, the county’s lead tourism promotion agency, also has a section on its website for the solar eclipse, including special events being held the weekend leading up to the eclipse.  Click here for more information:

Eclipse-related health and safety tips from the Niagara County Department of Health can be found here.

NASA has pulled together all sorts of interesting and useful eclipse Information that can be found here.