Niagara County became the first local government in the nation to pass a local law requiring producers to finance solar panel recycling.

Beginning August 1, 2022, no manufacturer, distributor, retailer or installer may sell or offer for sale a solar panel in Niagara County unless the manufacturer is in full compliance with Niagara County Local Law No.4.



Manufacturers / Stewardship Organizations

Niagara County's Local Law required those that manufacture photovoltaic module (solar panels) and are sold in Niagara County are responsible for compliance by August 1, 2022 or within 30 days of sale.  The manufacturer may designate an agent or stewardship organization to act on behalf of a manufacturer(s) in operating and implementing the stewardship program required under this local law. 

List of Manufacturers in Compliance with Local Law No. 4



Developers / Retailers /  Installers

Those who market or sell  solar panels for use in Niagara County, via retail of any means, and companies who assemble, install, and maintain photovoltaic module systems may no longer sell or install a photovoltaic module if the manufacturer does not have a stewardship plan approved by the County.



Information for Residents

There are currently 690 residential/small commercial projects on residential properties totaling 31,526 panels. The number of projects will proliferate as New York's clean energy goals are pursed. Niagara County's local law will provide residents with free, convenient recovery of expired panels, removing the financial burden from home owners and preserving our environmental integrity.