Standing Committees

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Rebecca J. Wydysh, Chairman
Anthony J. Nemi, Vice Chairman
Randy R. Bradt, Majority Leader
Christopher Robins, Minority Leader


(County Manager, County Attorney, Management & Budget, Treasurer, Audit, Real Property, Legislature, Printing/Mailing, Human Resources, Civil Service, Risk Management, Board of Elections)

Godfrey, Nemi, Bradt, Elder, Myers, Robins, Voccio
Co. Attorney - C. Joerg, K. Alexander
Secretary- Heather Soles, 716-439-7005

Community Services

(Social Services, Employment & Training, Youth Bureau, Office for the Aging, Public Health, Mental Health, NCCC, County Clerk/DMV, Historian, Veterans Services)

GOOCH, Voccio, Bradt, Godfrey, Nemi, Robins, Speranza
Co. Attorney – G. Lisowski
Secretary – Helen Dennis, (716) 278-8238 

Community Safety & Security

(Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation, Fire Coordinator/Emergency Services, Coroners, Conflict and Assigned Council)

Hill, Godfrey, Abbott, Bradt, Elder, McKimmie, Robins
Co. Attorney – B. Marble
Secretary – Laura Moll, (716) 438-3370

Economic Development

(Economic Development, Niagara Co. Industrial Development Agency)

Andres, Myers, Bradt, Elder, Godfrey, McKimmie, Speranza
Co. Attorney – T. Burgasser
Secretary- Cathie Synor, (716) 278-8750


(ad hoc committee-under Economic Development)

Andres, Nemi, Bradt, Elder, Foti

Infrastructure & Facilities

(Public Works, Parks/Golf Course, Refuse Disposal District, Sewer District, Water District, Weights & Measures, Information Technology, Buildings & Grounds)

Foti, Myers, Abbott, Bradt, Hill, Robins, Speranza
Co. Attorney – D. Koplas, T. Burgasser (Parks/Golf Course)
Secretary- Dan Quinn, (716) 439-7244

Refuse Disposal District

(ad hoc committee-under Infrastructure & Facilities)

Foti, Bradt, Abbott, Elder, Gooch, Hill, Myers, Nemi, Robins, Wydysh
Co. Attorney – G. Lisowski