Canvass Response Form

We will update your status on the eligible list based upon your selection below:

INTERESTED:  If you are intested in the position you must be available to report to work within thirty (30) days after being notified to do so. You must respond to phone calls and requests for interviews.  Failure to respond will result in the removal of your name from the eligible list.

INACTIVE STATUS:  Choose this option if you are unavailable for employment at this time but may wish to be considered again in the future.  All inactive status is for a mandatory minimum period of six (6) months.  Candidates may go inactive on the list only once.

DECLINING PART-TIME:  You will not be canvassed again for a part-time position from this list.

DECLINING CONTINGENT PERMANENT:  You will not be canvassed again for a contingent permanent position from this eligible list.

DECLINING TEMPORARY:  You will not be canvassed again for a temporary position from this eligible list.

DECLINING SALARY:  You will not be canvassed again for a salary at or below the one offered.  

DECLINING LOCATION:  For positions in Niagara County Departments - location is the entire department, not worksite.  For positions in municipalities - location is the entire city, town, school, village, or special district, not worksite.  You will not be canvassed again for this department, municipality, or district again from this list.

DECLINING TITLE:  You will not be canvassed again from this list.

Canvass Response Form