Niagara County, NCCC Leaders Cut Ribbon on New Welding & Metal Shop Lab

NCCC and Niagara County leaders cut the ribbon this week on a new welding and metal shop lab at the college.  Niagara County Legislator Irene Myers said, "The Niagara County Legislature was proud to unanimously support county funds going to support this welding initiative.  All 15 legislators,  fully recognize the importance of investing in programs that can lead people into well-paying, fulfilling careers -- and certainly the building trades offer that opportunity.

"I believe we are entering a time when programs like this are going to become more and more popular with young people who are looking for an alternative path to a four-year college degree.  For some reason, an expectation got set for the up and coming generations that success can only be achieved through a college degree.  While that is true for some, it left many people with loads of debt and left many good paying jobs that are very important to our economy unfilled.  That’s why I am so excited with today’s event.  It is both an investment to attract people to welding where we sorely need talented people and a message to young folks that there are multiple paths to success. "

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