Niagara County Board of Elections Reminds Voters that Their County Legislature Districts May Have Changed

Statement from Board of Elections Commissioners Lora Allen and Jennifer Sandonato

 “Last year, the Niagara County Legislature, as it is required to do every 10 years, adopted a redistricting plan that saw some changes to Legislature districts based on changes in population.  These district changes mostly occurred in Niagara Falls, Town of Niagara and Lockport.

“Candidates have started passing petitions to get on the ballot for the November 2023 elections, so you may be asked to sign a petition in a district that is different than before.  Again, this is a result of the data from the 2020 census that was used to redraw the district lines of the Legislature.

“It’s important to note that while candidates will run on these new lines in the November 2023 elections, they do not actually take effect from a governing standpoint until January 1, 2024.  So, you should continue to contact your current legislator if you have any questions or concerns about a county issue.

“Those with questions can also call the Board of Elections at (716) 438-4041 or (716) 438-4040.”