NCDOH Says September is Baby Safety Month

Keeping baby safe and well is the number one goal as a parent, so it goes without saying that every precaution is taken when creating a safe environment for baby. The fact is, most injuries can be prevented. Choosing the right baby products for your family can be overwhelming, but safety should never be compromised.  The Niagara County Department of Health (NCDOH) has joined the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) of Mount Laurel, NJ, in an awareness campaign to alert parents and caregivers on the importance of properly choosing and using the best products according to a child’s age and developmental stage as outlined by the manufacturer. Baby Safety Month is a month-long awareness campaign via, a website dedicated to baby safety education. Through this portal, parents and caregivers can learn how to create the safest environment for their children and the safety concerns associated with leaving children unattended or not properly using juvenile products as intended.

“At the Niagara County Department of Health, child safety is a top priority. By joining this campaign, we are educating the public while keeping infants and toddlers out of harm’s way,” said Daniel Stapleton, Public Health Director. “Knowing how important it is to use juvenile products properly can be lifesaving.”

Whether it's in the home or on the go, the NCDOH and the JPMA urge parents to follow these guidelines to keep baby safe:

  • Direct supervision is a sure-fire way to prevent injury - watch, listen and stay near your child.
  • Choose and use age and developmentally appropriate products.
  • Read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions, recommendations for use, and warning labels.
  • Register your products and establish a direct line of communication with the manufacturer.
  • Frequently inspect products for missing hardware, loose threads, screws and strings, holes, and tears.
  • Monitor your child’s growth and development and discontinue product use when needed.

About Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month started in 1983 when JPMA initiated “Expectant Mother’s Day.” In 1986, it was extended to a week-long celebration, until 1991, when JPMA sponsored the first “Baby Safety Awareness Month.” Since then, every September has been designated as Baby Safety Month.

About the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is the voice of the industry on quality and safety for baby and children's products in North America. This is accomplished by:

  • Advocating for safety through product certification programs and legislative and regulatory involvement;
  • Supporting a broad and diverse membership through member-only programming and industry promotion;
  • And by acting as a comprehensive source for baby product information and education.

JPMA members represent 95 percent of the prenatal to preschool products sold in North America.  To find out more about JPMA, the certification program and products certified, and for a complete listing of JPMA Members, please visit Follow JPMA on Twitter @JPMA and connect with us on Facebook to learn about additional safety tips and JPMA initiatives.