Niagara County Department of Health Changes COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

The Niagara County Department of Health (NCDOH) announced that significant changes have been made to the case investigation and contact tracing for COVID-19. Contact tracers will no longer conduct case investigations or identify close contacts.

NCDOH is asking that anyone that tests positive for COVID-19, either from a lab, pharmacy, medical office, school testing site, or at-home test to self-isolate, notify their household contacts and notify their close contacts. Anyone notified that they are a close contact should self-quarantine (unless exempt), monitor for symptoms, and seek testing on day 5 after exposure (earlier if symptoms develop).

Niagara County will follow the updated New York State guidelines for Isolation and Quarantine released January 4, 2022, which shorten the isolation and quarantine period to 5 days. “The shortened isolation and quarantine periods, unprecedented number of positive cases, and limited contact tracing resources required a transition to a more realistic, efficient process,” commented Daniel J. Stapleton, Niagara County Department of Health Public Health Director. “Contact Tracing will be prioritized for individuals in schools and high-risk congregate (nursing homes, schools, daycares, etc.) settings.

Individuals should be notified of their positive status by the provider/laboratory performing the testing. All positive cases should visit the Niagara County website for instructions and required documentation. Effective immediately, residents will no longer be contacted to be released from isolation. “We have updated our website to include all of the documents required for return to work/school for individuals who have completed isolation and quarantine,” stated Adrienne Kasbaum, Niagara County Department of Health Director of Nursing. “We hope these changes will streamline the process for everyone,” she added.

In addition to the updated guidance for isolation and quarantine, the following documents are available on the Niagara County website:

Individuals may submit positive results from at-home tests on the NCDOH Positive COVID-19 Home Test Reporting Form

For more information on isolation and quarantine, please visit: