Workforce Development Group

meetingpicBringing together the resources of various public service agencies currently operating in Niagara County, the Workforce Development Group (WDG) was formed to provide a seamless array of services to businesses throughout the Western New York area. From organizing annual Job Fairs and Informational Expos, to recruitment assistance this diverse group is your one source proven successful in meeting the needs of area businesses.

In collaboration, these separate agencies have access to a large pool of potential job applicants and can provide a variety of services to assist with recruitment needs.  These services, available at no charge, include pre-employment testing and pre-screening for specific skills and qualifications, as well as screening for available training subsidies and/or tax credits.  

Also included in this group are representatives of local New York State accredited training providers who can not only provide referrals for recently trained applicants, but can also assist in the training and upgrading of existing employees as well.  

It is the Mission of the Workforce Development Group to share regional business trends, job opportunities and available resources with group members and the larger community.

We meet monthly and invite any interested area businesses to attend and share information regarding their company and their specific employment needs.

If you are interested in placing a job order with us, finding out more information about our group, would like to make arrangements to attend one of our meetings, or would like to invite the WDG members to your facility to gain a better understanding of your needs, please feel free to contact any one of our members or the WDG’s current Chairperson;

Dennis Martinez at 848-8014

Niagara’s Workforce Development Group includes membership from...

Niagara County Employment & Training
Niagara County Community College
Niagara County Department of Social Services
Niagara County Center for Economic Development
Niagara’s WorkSourceOne
NYS Department of Labor
Office of Temporary Disability Assistance