Home Care

The Home Care Unit provides in home personal care services to Medicaid eligible individuals who have documented medical needs for these services. Caseworkers evaluate and reassess the need for services on a regular schedule. The general population in this program is elderly although the unit also services children and young adults with serious medical conditions.

Eligibility Requirements for Home Care

  • Be on or eligible for Medicaid
  • Be under the care of a physician, who is willing to sign physician's orders
  • Client must be self-directing or have some one willing to assume the responsibility.
  • A home assessment will be done to determine if client is appropriate for home care.

Types of Home Care available

  • Personal Care Program
  • Consumer-Directed Program (In-Charge Program)
  • Block Nursing
  • PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

To apply for Homecare or ask for further information contact  278-8620.