Service Agencies and Programs

Niagara County Department of Mental Health provides funding to the following contract agencies

BestSelf Behavioral Health  716-884-0888
Cazenovia Recovery Systems 716-852-4331
Community Missions Inc 716-285-3403
Dale Association 716-433-1937
Empower 716-297-0798
Living Opportunities of Depaul 716-873-5253
Mental Health Association in Niagara County 716-433-3780
New Directions Youth & Family Services 716-439-1179
Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center 716-278-4000
Northpointe Council 716-282-8110
Pinnacle Community Services 716-285-6984
Spectrum Health & Human Services 716-278-9640
WNY Independent Living – Independent Living Niagara County 716-284-4131

For additional information on other services and supports available to individuals in Niagara County, please click on the links below.

Niagara County Resource Listing

Niagara County Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Provider Resource Card
Niagara County Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Substance Abuse Resource Card

Housing / Residential Programs and Points of Contact in Niagara County

Rise Above the Occasion Campaign providing information on mental health and substance abuse services in the Niagara County community.