Mobile Home Parks

Today, Mobile Home Parks and/or Manufactured Home Parks (MHP) are a very common place for people to reside. As the popularity of MHP's rises and availability of manufactured home lots decreases, large concentration of residents on one property, and in some cases, the aging infrastructure at older parks can create undo public health risks.

A manufactured home park is any tract of land upon which five or more manufactured homes are located. This also includes any buildings or structures that may be pertinent to their use, any part of which may be occupied by persons for residential purposes other than recreation, traveling, or vacationing, and who are provided services or facilities necessary for their use of the property. The Niagara County Department of Health enforces the rules and laws governing manufactured home parks set forth in the New York State Sanitary Code. 

To ensure public safety, all manufactured home parks located in Niagara County are inspected and permitted. Manufactured home parks must be in compliance with all building and safety requirements. Owners are also required to maintain the area in a healthy manner. The Niagara County Health Department inspects each manufactured home park on a regular basis. If a manufactured home park is not in compliance with the rules and laws set forth by the Niagara County Sanitary Code and The NYS Sanitary Code, the Niagara County Department of Health can revoke the permit to operate the park, thus resulting in closure of the park.

homesManufactured Home Park Requirements Include:

  • Fire Safety
  • Utilities
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage Facilities
  • Mobile Home Stands
  • Anchoring
  • Supervision
  • Refuse Storage and Disposal
  • Insect and Rodent Control
  • Weed Control
  • Toxic Materials
  • Other Duties
Prior approval, by the Niagara County Health Department, of construction, enlargement, development, improvement, or conversion must be issued prior to any such intended work.

Regulations, Codes, and Standards affecting Mobile Home Parks include:

  • Sanitary Code of the Niagara County Health District Chapter VI.
  • Title 10 - New York State Sanitary Code – Chapter 1 – Part 17.
  • Residential Code of New York State – Part X – Appendix E.
  • NCSBCS / ANSI A225-1994.
  • Installation Instructions included within the consumer manual provided by the manufacturer.