Caregivers Program

Caregivers Program

Did you know that 85% of all care to the frail and disabled is being provided by family and friends?
coupleIf you are a wife, husband, daughter, son, grandparent, grandchild, or neighbor caring for a loved one or friend...... YOU are a Caregiver.

If you are the person running to the store, cleaning the house, scheduling doctor appointments, or providing 24 hour intensive care……YOU are a Caregiver.

If you are a person trying to help someone remain in their own home, or yours……YOU are a Caregiver and we can help.

Caregivers often completely change their lifestyle to take care of those they love.  Caregivers includes senior citizens caring for relatives under the age of eighteen, adult children, and/or friends.

When asked what would make life of a caregiver easier, many replied more "information" and "respite."

Some examples of caregivers:

  • A grandmother in her 70's who is the sole support for her 12 year old grandson.
  • A husband concerned that his wife's driving is becoming erratic and unsafe.
  • An elderly woman who can no longer bathe her disabled sister with whom she lives.
  • A son in his 30's who finds out his mother's utilities are all being shut off.
  • Neighbors who occasionally look in on a forgetful older woman living alone.
Who is Eligible to Receive Support Services Through this Program?
Support Services are available for Caregivers; who are either a family member (who lives locally) or another individual who is an informal provider of in-home or community care to residents of Niagara County who are 60 years of age or older.
What Services Are Available?
  • Respite care can provide relief from your caregiving.  Respite services can take many forms, including periodic in-home care or care away from the home through short term stays in long-term care facilities.  It can vary in time from part of a day to several weeks.
  • Informal and volunteer respite care is accepting help from other family members, friends, neighbors, or church volunteers who offer to stay with the individual while you go to the store or run errands, etc.
  • In home respite care may include companion services, homemaker services or skilled care services.
  • Adult Day Services is another important means by which caregivers can get time off during all or part of the day with the security of knowing that the person is receiving care from a dependable, trained source. This program offers relief to family members or caregivers and allows them the freedom to go to work, handle personal business or just relax.
  • Homemaker/Personal Care Services to assist with housekeeping chores, personal care services to help the individual bathe, get dressed, exercise, etc. or skilled care services to tend to the person's medical needs such as administering medications.
  • Home Delivered Meals- Hot meals can be delivered to the loved one's home on a weekly basis.
  • Case Management
  • Information and Referral - Staff can answer questions on any issues of concern to older persons such as recreation, financial benefits, legal concerns etc.
  • Legal Assistance Our Lawyer is available on a regular basis throughout the county to talk about your legal concerns.
  • Medical Transportation can provide rides to needed medical appointment
Where do I call for information?
(716) 438-3030
Caregiver Survival Tips
  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Learn about available resources. 
  3. Take one day at a time.
  4. Develop contingency plans.
  5. Accept help.
  6. Make YOUR health a priority.
  7. Get enough rest and eat properly.
  8. Make time for leisure. Be good to yourself.
  9. Share your feelings with others.
Family Caregiver Support is funded through the Older Americans Act Title III-E

The Office for the Aging is funded by the New York State Office for the Aging with Older American Act and New York State funds, and by Niagara County.

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