Training Funds

Would you like help with the cost of training your employees? trainingfundspic

We pay UP TO 75% of your new hire's initial training wages!!

Niagara County Employment & Training currently has funds available to assist you with 50 - 75% of the training cost of new hires. For existing employees, we could offset up to 50% of the costs associated with upgrading their skill sets.

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For more information please contact Mike Kearney at (716) 278-8213.

On-The-Job Training for your New Hires

On-the-Job Training (OJT) funds are available to reimburse 50 - 75% of your costs for training a qualified new hire, depending on your company size.

OJT has reimbursed dozens of local businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars!

We know YOU are the best resource for training new employees and providing your trainee with the most practical learning experience. On-the-Job Training (OJT) helps you defray some of the costs associated with getting that new employee over the “learning curve” as they gain the new skills necessary to be a fully productive member of your team. You retain control over which trainee will be selected, the qualifications, wage rate, and job parameters, as well as what the trainee will learn. Here is a list of companies that we have done OJTs with in recent years:  Companies

To get started...

Upon receipt of a completed Preliminary Review – Business Application for On-The-Job Training and Responsibility Questionnaire a Business Services team representative from Niagara’s WorkSourceOne partner, Niagara County Employment & Training (NCE&T) will schedule a brief meeting with you to review the extent of training required, current funding levels, and the steps required to implement the funding.

We will meet with the potential trainee and determine if they are eligible for funding and are found to be in need of training services.

A training outline for the OJT is then developed based upon your job requirements and the eligible applicant's existing skill level. The length of the training period is determined jointly by you and NCE&T.

Considerations will include:

  • Skill level of the job
  • Education, experience, and eligibility of the individual
  • Wage rate
  • Funding availability

It is expected that, following successful OJT contract completion, your trainee will remain a successful long-term employee of your business. 

See the OJT Fact Sheet for more information.

The OJT Process MUST be initiated and a contract signed BEFORE the individual begins work.

Customized Training for your Existing Employees

Customized Training is designed to partially reimburse a business for the additional expenses needed to upgrade the training of existing employees in order to increase employee retention, reduce turnover, and/or increase wages as a result of new skills development.

The business pays not less than 50% of the total cost of the training for eligible employees. Total cost includes: specific direct training costs for eligible employees, supplies or materials necessary for the training process, plus any costs associated with the development of curriculum or delivery of training. In addition, the wages of eligible employees during training (including FICA but excluding fringes) can be included towards the Business’ 50% match.

The training itself typically takes the form of on-site or classroom training and must be provided by an outside training provider - it cannot be given by an employee of the business. The training must involve increasing the in-demand skill sets of the trainees.

To get started...

Upon receipt of a completed Business Application for Customized Training Funds a Business Services team representative from NCE&T will schedule a brief meeting with you to review the extent of training required, current funding levels, and the steps required to implement the funding.

Return completed application to Mike Kearney.

See the Customized Training Fact Sheet for more information

SUNY Workforce Development Training Grants 

Niagara County Community College's Division of Workforce Development can provide training to companies with the assistance of two grant programs:
  • SUNY Apprenticeship funds which will pay for related instruction costs of up to $5,000 per apprentice
  • SUNY Workforce Development Training Grant which provides funding for NCCC to offer workforce development training programs to businesses and organizations at a substantial reduction in cost.

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