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The following is a list of pamphlets and information offered by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance and Niagara County Real Property:


    • How property is assessed 
    • Reassessments 
    • Assessment rolls 
    • Assessment vs. taxes 

Property taxes

    • How property taxes are calculated 
    • Property tax bills 
    • Property tax calendar 
    • Equalization rates 
NYS property tax system 
    • Citizens Guide to the Property Tax Cap 
    • How to estimate the market value of your home 
    • Overview of the Assessment Roll 

Printable (pdf) Pamphlets: 
1110 Assessments vs. Taxes: What's the Difference?  
1111 Certified County Directors of Real Property Tax Services  
1112 Fair Assessments - A Guide for Property Owners  
1113 How The Property Tax Works  
1114 How to Contest Your Assessment Booklet
1115 How to Estimate the Market Value of Your Home   
1117 Property Tax Myths & Misunderstandings  
1118 The Job of the Assessor  
1119 The Locally Stated Level of Assessment (LOA)  
1120 The Real Property Tax Cycle 
1121 Understanding the Equalization Rate  
1122 Reassessment - Frequently Asked Questions 

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