Niagara County Recognizes "Foster Parent Month"

Niagara County Social Services Commissioner Meghan Lutz ad Director of Services Billie Tylec accept a proclamation from Legislator Jesse Gooch proclaiming May as “Foster Parent Month.” There are more than 391,000 children across the country living in foster care. In Niagara County we have 90 fost
Foster Parent Month.5.23.23
er homes providing care to 160 foster children.

During the presentation, Commissioner Lutz expressed the community’s appreciation for foster parents when she said, “Foster parents deserve our gratitude and respect for the work they do every day to ensure our children receive the support they need at a traumatic time in their lives.”

WHEREAS, there are circumstances in which some parents and children are unable to live together safely, and

WHEREAS, foster parents, who by opening their homes and their hearts to children who cannot stay with their parents, care for and nurture them while helping to bring families together again, and

WHEREAS, foster parents are integral members of the child welfare team and we value their ability to work in partnership with the department and families of our children, and

WHEREAS, Niagara County recognizes the vital service foster parents provide to these children and their families within our community and, in particular, their efforts to work toward permanency with either the natural parents or a permanent home, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Niagara County Legislature does hereby proclaim the month of May 2023 as “FOSTER PARENT MONTH” throughout the County of Niagara in appreciation of their valuable assistance.