Niagara County Transfers Cargo Trailer to Niagara Active Hose Fire Company

Niagara County Legislator Chris Robins today announced that the Legislature has approved a resolution transferring a 2010 Sure Trac Cargo Trailer previously used by the Niagara County Department of Emergency Services to the Town of Niagara Active Hose Fire Company.   The resolution, sponsored by Robins and Legislator Mark Grozio, passed unanimously.

Robins said the trailer is important in helping move heavy equipment, like generators, during emergency situations. 

“I appreciate how our first responders and emergency personnel at the county and local levels collaborate so well together and look to maximize resources,” said Robins.  “In this instance, our county Emergency Service Department updated equipment and was able to declare this cargo trailer as surplus at a time when Niagara Active Hose was in search of that very piece of equipment.   Now that the Legislature has approved the inter-municipal agreement, ownership of the trailer can be transferred.

Niagara Active Hose Chief William Jasper said he very much appreciates the transfer of the trailer and other resources provided by the county, including a $5,000 grant secured by Robins through the Community Partnership Program that the fire company used to purchase a Rad-57 CO-Oximeter.

“Our department responds to many calls where there is potentially a carbon monoxide issue, so the RAD-57 allows us to quickly measure a person’s CO and oxygen levels and then take appropriate action,” said Jasper.  “We very are grateful for the support we have received from Niagara County that has helped us acquire these important pieces of equipment.”