County Opens Temporary Warming Shelters During Blizzard

For the duration of the 2022 blizzard, these temporary warming shelters are open and available to those who may have lost power, are stranded, or experiencing extreme cold conditions.  While there is still a travel ban, you may travel to one of the locations ONLY if you are able to safely do so. If you are unable to safely travel to one of these locations, please contact the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division at 716-438-3394 and arrangements will be made to get you to one of the Warming Shelters.

Cambria Fire Company, 4631 Cambria Wilson Road, Lockport,

Frontier Fire Company, 2176 Liberty Drive, Niagara Falls

Hartland Fire Company, 8945 Ridge Road, Gasport

Lewiston #2 Fire Company, 1705 Saunders Settlement Road, Lewiston

Miller Hose Fire Company, 6161 McKee Street, Newfane

Olcott Fire Company, 1691 Lockport Street, Olcott

Pekin Fire Company, 3024 Upper Mountain Road, Sanborn, 

Ransomville Fire Company, 2521 Youngstown-Lockport Road, Ransomville

Rapids Fire Company- Main Hall, 7195 Plank Road, Lockport

St. Johnsburg Fire Company, 7165 Ward Road, Wheatfield

Sanborn Fire Company, 5811 Buffalo Street, Lewiston

Shawnee Fire Company, 3747 Lockport Road, Sanborn

South Wilson Fire Company, 4194 Chestnut Road, Wilson

Terry's Corners Fire Company, 7801 Chestnut Ridge Road, Gasport

Upper Mountain Fire Companyj, 839 Moyer Road, Lewiston

Wendleville Fire Company Hall One, 7340 Campbell Blvd, Pendleton

Wendleville Fire Company Hall Two, 6440 Main Road, Pendleton

Wilson Fire Company, 250 Young Street, Wilson

Wolcottsville Fire Company, 6337 Wolcottsville Road, Royalton

Wrights Corners Fire Company- Main Hall, 4043 Lake Avenue, Lockport

Youngstown Fire Company, 625 Third Street, Youngstown

City of Lockport, Lockport City Hall, One Locks Plaza, Lockport


City of Niagara Falls

Community Missions, 1570 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls

Niagara Gospel Mission, 1317 Portage Road, Niagara Falls