Niagara County to Realign Bear Ridge/Tonawanda Creek Intersection

Niagara County Legislator Tony Nemi today announced that the county’s Department of Public Works (DPW) will realign the intersection of Bear Ridge and Tonawanda Creek roads in the Town of Pendleton which should improve public safety at the intersection.  The changes follow a study DPW commissioned from engineering firm Wendel.

According to Nemi, DPW will restriping the intersection so those merging onto Bear Ridge from the west side ramp of Tonawanda Creek will now be at a 90 degree angle at the stop sign.  There will be some additional signage added as well.

“Improving the vision of motorists entering Bear Ridge from the west was the main issue and I believe this proposal addresses that,” said Nemi.  “As anyone who regularly drives that road knows there have been a few accidents and many near-misses, so I am very pleased DPW will be making these changes.”

DPW Commissioner Garret Meal said the changes will be put in place later this year as part of the county’s yearly pavement markings restriping program.