Niagara County Legislature Recognizes National Adoption Awareness Month

The Niagara County Legislature passed a proclamation at its meeting Tuesday night in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month.  National Adoption Awareness Month is promoted each November to increase awareness of adoption issues, bring attention to the need for adoptive families for children in the U.S. foster care system, and emphasize the value of youth engagement.

“With the completion of an adoption, a child finally has permanency in their life and the opportunity to realize their full potential surrounded by a family that cares about them,” said Meghan Lutz, Niagara County Department of Social Services (DSS) Commissioner.  “Niagara County finalized 19 adoptions in 2021 and has completed 10 so far this year.  Many of these start with a family who initially provides foster care to a child.  So, I encourage anyone who has ever thought of fostering or adopting a child to contact us.”

Pictured:  Legislature Irene Myers, left, presents the proclamation for National Adoption Awareness Month to Niagara County Department of Social Services Commissioner Meghan Lutz and Director of Services Billie Tylec, who oversees the county’s adoption program.

National Adoption Month.11.17.22