Niagara County Clerks Says Residents Have 6 Months to Comply with REAL ID Requirements

Niagara County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski today reminded residents that the federal REAL ID requirements will go into effect six months from today, May 3, 2023.  That means you will need a REAL ID to board any domestic flights, enter a military base and access certain federal facilities.

“The REAL ID requirement was supposed to take effect on October 1, 2020 but was postponed several times due the pandemic,” said Jastrzemski.  “However, it appears almost certain there will be no further delays and you will have to have a REAL ID to board any flight in the United States.”

According to Jastrzemski, New York’s REAL ID license, Enhanced Driver’s license and a passport all meet the federal requirements.  Residents do still need a passport to fly to other countries.

“People need to think about which ID is right for them,” said Jastrzemski.  “I often urge people to strongly consider getting a passport since it will cover domestic flights, trips to Canada and any other international travel.  While it costs a little more than the New York State Real ID and Enhanced licenses, it is good for 10 years and will meet every one of your travel needs.”

Jastrzemski said residents can click here to learn more about the different ID options.  Those interested in obtaining a passport can learn more about those requirements by clicking here.