Legislature Honors Pistol Permit Office Staff

The Niagara County Legislature honored the staff of the Pistol Permit Office at last night’s meeting to recognize their extraordinary effort this past summer when an unprecedented number of pistol permit applications were filed.

Pictured below from left to right:  County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski, Patti Jo Sturak, Anita Jones, Sheila Feind, Cheri Klumpp, Lisa Kessler and Niagara County Legislator Jesse Gooch, Chairman of the Community Services Committee.

Pistol Permit Office.10.19.22


 WHEREAS, Niagara County is fortunate to have a talented and dedicated workforce that puts in tremendous effort to provide valuable services to the public, and

 WHEREAS, there is no better example of this than the staff in the Niagara County Pistol Permit Office, and

 WHEREAS, while the Pistol Permit Office staff has a reputation for being diligent, polite and extremely courteous to those who come to their office, that was all put to test this past summer as New York State changes to existing gun laws led to an unprecedented number of residents seeking pistol permits, with lines stretching outside the Courthouse and around the corner, and

 WHEREAS, the Pistol Permit Office staff typically processes just more than a thousand applications in a given year, in 2022 they have already accepted 2,244 new applications, with 1,600 of those coming in the month of August alone, and

 WHEREAS, the Pistol Permit Office staff went above and beyond to meet this extraordinary demand, and always maintained their high level of professionalism in some trying circumstances,

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT, RESOLVED, that the Niagara County Legislature thanks and honors the Pistol Permit Office staff of Lisa Kessler, Cheri Klumpp, Patti Jo Sturak, Sheila Feind, and Anita Jones for their great work, their unwavering dedication to their job and for proudly showing that the Niagara County government workforce is second to none.