Niagara County Closes Portion of West Canal Park in Pendleton, Marina Remains Open

Niagara County Department of Public Works Commissioner Garret Meal today said that the county has closed a portion of West Canal Marina and Park on Tonawanda Creek Road in the Town of Pendleton to clean up storm damage incurred last night.

“We have several trees that came down during the thunderstorm or were severely damaged and need to be taken down and we have crews out there now,” said Meal.  “The marina is fine and will remain open, but we need to close the area with the picnic shelters and playground. 

One automobile that was parked in the lot was severely damaged by a falling tree but no one was hurt.

“This was a major weather event that did more damage than we initially thought and public safety in our parks is always our number one concern,” said Meal.  “We can hopefully get our work done and reopen soon, but the crews have a lot to do.”

(Pictured:  Damage at West Canal Marina and County Park.)
West Canal Damage-21