Niagara County DMV Goes to Appointment Only System

Niagara County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski today announced that all three Niagara County Department of Motor Vehicles offices will be going to an appointment-only system beginning the week of September 6.  Jastrzemski said this decision was made based on feedback from DMV customers and discussions with other county clerks.

“The fact is the public likes appointments better, people prefer not waiting in lines and it allows us to more efficiently plan our work,” said Jastrzemski.  “We brought walk-in traffic back to help clear up our backlog and that has been accomplished.  Now, you can easily book a DMV appointment just a few days out.”

Jastrzemski said residents can continue to book appointments online at by clicking on motor vehicles under the departments tab.  Jastrzemski said the DMV has also launched a new call-in number only for scheduling DMV appointment at 716-743-4599.

“Online appointment booking is the best way to schedule, but we appreciate that is not an option for everyone, so we have now added a phone number people can call directly to schedule an appointment as well,” said Jastrzemski.

Jastrzemski also encouraged people to continue using the drop boxes that can be found outside each DMV office, noting that such transactions are generally turned around in a day.  He added that those who receive a fast pass for the DMV after giving blood through ConnectLife do not need an appointment.