Niagara County Awarded Funds for Microenterprise Grant Program

Niagara County has received $300,000 through the state’s Consolidated Funding Application for the county’s Microenterprise Grant Program, according to Niagara County Legislature Economic Development Chairman Rich Andres.  The program, which is run by the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, provides resources to support and foster the development of microbusinesses, defined as those with five or few employees.

“It has been said many times over that small businesses are the backbone of our economy so anything we can do to help them get off the ground and running is a wise investment,” said Andres.  “We last received $200,000 in microenterprise funding in 2019 and used up all those funds fairly quickly.”

Andres said the Niagara County Center for Economic Development also partners with the Small Business Development Center to provide free training that will cover various topics such as legal issues, taxes, recordkeeping, accounting, financing, marketing and advertising, and employee issues for microbusinesses.

Applications for the Microenterprise Grant Program can be found at  For further information, please call the Center for Economic Development (716) 278-8760.