Statement from Legislature Majority Leader Randy Bradt & Minority Leader Chris Robins Regarding in Schools

“Today, Niagara County has both the lowest daily average and seven day average of COVID-19 cases in Western New York, and the third lowest daily average in New York State.  While it has taken some time to come down from the peak of Omicron cases in early January, clearly we are in a much better position.  We thank the public for all of their patience amid growing frustration and a sentiment that it is time to get things as close as possible to back to normal.

“That is why we have come together in a bipartisan manner to call on the state to end the mask mandate in schools.  More than 40 states across the country have either no mask mandate in schools or have established a date certain to do so.   Those states show that universal masking is not the only way to keep our students and staff safe.

“Rather than a mandate, schools should be mask-optional, so a parent is empowered to make a decision that they feel is in the best interest of their child.  If the state chooses to allow each county to make its own decision, Niagara County would not continue the mask mandate in schools.”