COVID-19 Vaccination

The Niagara County Department of Health (NCDOH) has long been preparing for emergencies that impact the public’s health. With emergency preparedness planning, training and exercising every year, Niagara County is well positioned for a quick and vital vaccination campaign. We have identified key Point of Dispensing (POD) sites to conduct mass vaccination operations. PODs are sites where eligible persons are invited to receive their COVID-19 vaccine in a quick, efficient and accurate manner. These sites are staffed by county employees as well as volunteers. Vaccine is available for priority groups identified by New York State (NYS). Vaccine will be provided to individuals based on the priorities and distributions as directed by NYS.

 Check here for current eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine

Free COVID-19 Vaccination Sites:

Niagara County Vaccination Clinic Schedule: Click Here or call WNY 2-1-1 by dialing 211 or 1-888-696-9211

Vaccine Finder: or call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 888-720-7489 )

NYS Vaccination Site: or call 1-833-697-4829

Vaccination of Minors Ages 12 – 17 Years

All individuals age 12 and older are eligible to receive a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. However, minors ages 12 to 17 are NOT authorized to receive the Janssen or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines. Individuals under 12 years of age are not currently eligible to receive ANY COVID-19 vaccine.

In general, it is strongly encouraged that a parent or legal guardian accompany a minor age 12 to 17 years to provide in-person consent for vaccination at each dose.

If a minor is unaccompanied, the provider will attempt to contact the parent or guardian by phone with a witness listening at the time of the minor’s vaccination to provide consent to the provider. Providers may accept a written statement of consent from the parent or guardian, where the parent or guardian is not available by phone to provide consent to vaccinate an unaccompanied minor.

NCDOH COVID-19 Immunization Screening and Consent Form: Download Here

All minors unaccompanied by a parent or guardian MUST bring the completed COVID-19 Immunization Screening and Consent Form to the clinic or be able to contact parent or legal guardian by phone to provide consent. The minor should also bring ID/proof of date of birth (birth certificate, passport, learning permit/driver’s license, benefits care, etc.).

Transportation Support:

Uber(free transportation to and from your vaccination appt):

Lyft(free transportation to and from your vaccination appt):

Evidence Based Resources on COVID-19 Vaccine

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