Vending Machine Permits

A vending machine is a self-service device which when activated dispenses unit servings of food or beverage without requiring replenishing between each vending operation.  Vending machines requiring permit in Niagara County are those dispensing perishable or potentially hazardous foods such as refrigerated foods, pastry, milk, ice cream, open cup dispensed hot or cold beverages, hot canned foods, snack with perishable foods or water vending. A food vending machine commissary is a place where food, containers or supplies are processed or packaged and prepared for use in food vending machines. A food vending operation is the place where food vending machines are located and includes the food vending machine servicing equipment, utensils, personnel, single service articles, tables, chairs, that part of the premises used in connection with the food vending operation and all other appurtenances required and used to operate and maintain the food vending machine.

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