Trans Fat Free Program

On March 29, 2007 the Niagara County Board of Health unanimously passed a motion recognizing those Food Service establishments in Niagara County that have addressed the issue of artificial trans fat at their restaurants, in whole or in part.  Bakery operations were also included in the motion.  Recognition will include the issuance of a Certificate, the posting of information in this regard on the County of Niagara website and providing this information in a written format to all requesting same.  In addition, a decal will be made available for restaurant window/door posting, noting trans fat free participation.

 The Niagara County Board of Health notes that the way the Health Department protects and promotes the health of our citizens is by assuring the safety of food served in restaurants through permitting and inspection.  Trans fat in food is dangerous to health and unnecessary.  The Health Department is committed to protecting Niagara County residents and visitors from avoidable health hazards.  Eliminating trans fat and replacing it with healthy alternatives will reduce coronary heart disease events.  While many nutrition issues affect health, the Board of Health is taking this action as this significant threat to heart health can be eliminated through simple measures.  In Niagara County the rate of heart disease is one of the highest in New York State.

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