Temporary Food Establishments

A temporary food service establishment is a place where food is prepared or handled and sTemporary Food Establishmenterved to the public, with or without charge and which operates at a fixed location in conjunction with a single event or celebration of not more than 14 days duration. All such establishments are required to obtain a Niagara County Department of Health Permit to operate in Niagara County. Please mention, when calling the office, if there is intent to participate in more than two events in this county during the year. 

To request an application or receive more information, please call the Niagara County Department of Health at (716) 439-7579. or download the application here. 

Temporary Food Service Check List
(You are responsible to meet all conditions of NY Sanitary Code, 14-2)

Temporary food service is typically a single event by a local organization (not using a push cart or trailer) to raise funds by selling a variety of foods as well as simple food and drink such as hot dogs, prepackaged snacks, pop, etc.
The following items are basic requirements for safe food service to the public.

1.     Must have a safe cooking apparatus.

2.    Must have a covered food preparation area.   (Umbrella, Pop-Up Tent, etc.)

3.    Must have insulated containers to keep food cold (less than 45°f) or hot (greater than 140°f). Suggest   ice chests have thermometers to make sure food is kept below 45f. Thernoneter

4.    Must have accurate food testing thermometer.  (0 to 220°f) 

5.    Must cook to proper temperature. you do not have to check every cooked item. check  occasionally to confirm you are reaching the minimum temperatures.  (Cook hot dogs to 140°F, hamburgers to 158°F, everything else is safe at 165°F)

6.    Must have head coverings.  (hair nets, caps, etc.)

7.    Must have gloves, tongs, etc. to handle food.  (if it goes into the mouth you cannot touch it.        bread, buns, ice, etc.  must be handled with gloves, etc.)

8.    Sponges are not recommended. (outside it is acceptable to have vertical pole stands to hold a paper  towel rolls.)

9.    Hand wash facility.  (when outside, a multi gallon container with a spigot and catch bucket is ok.)

10.    Must have proper sanitizing solution, know how to use it, and have test strips. (the sanitizer is not the soap solution for washing debris. the sanitizer is to drop the bacterial count on surfaces that are already clean to minimize the chance of someone getting sick. )

11.    Must have a 3-bay set-up big enough for utensils used. (when outside you can use 3 five (5) gallon buckets to  wash w/soap, rinse w/water, sanitize w/bleach or quat).   A seperate bucket w/cloth or spray bottle is to be used for sanitizing surfaces.

12.    Single serve items (paper plates, etc.) must be in dispensers (original packaging is ok).

13.    All utensils must be stored facing in the same direction (to touch handles only).

14.    Drinks and food items must be adequately drained when stored in ice.

Sanitizing Solutions  (Either type is acceptable)

Be sure to get the proper test strips for each type of sanitizer.

  • Chlorine (liquid chlorine bleach added to water or powder dissolved in water)

    3 Bay Sink  50 - 100 PPM chlorine (Soak for 1 minute and air dry – do not wipe dry)

    Cloth Wipe Buckets (or spray bottle) 100 PPM chlorine (½ tablespoon of household bleach to 1 gallon of water is approx. 100 PPM chlorine, check with strips)

    Soft Serve Custard Machine Cleaning 200 PPM chlorine
  • QUAT or QAC (quaternary ammonium compounds - liquid or powder added to water)

    3 Bay Sink  200 PPM quat (Soak for 1 minute and air dry – do not wipe dry)

    Cloth Wipe Buckets (or spray bottle) 200 PPM quat

    Soft Serve Custard Machine Cleaning 400 PPM quat

Proper (minimum) cooking temperatures

1.    Rare Roast Beef Steak and Beef Steak (single slab, no penetrations) 130 F

2.    Precooked Commercially Prepared Potentially Hazardous Foods and Potentially Hazardous Foods Not On This List 140 F

3.    Shell Eggs and Egg Containing Foods 145 F

4.    Pork 150 F    

5.    Ground Meat 158 F

6.    Poultry, Poultry Stuffing, Stuffed Meats and Stuffing Containing Poultry 165 F




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