Safe Picnics and Barbecues

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before preparing or serving food.
  2. Make sure all fresh fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed, using plenty of clean potable water.
  3. During cold salad preparations make sure all ingredients are cold prior to mixing them together.
  4. All equipment being used needs to have been properly cleaned.
  5. Minimize any hand contact.
  6. Make sure all cold salads (macaroni, potato, etc.) are kept below 45°F either on ice or under refrigeration. To ensure proper cold hold temperatures using ice make sure to bury the container of salad so ice is under and surrounds all of the food. There is competition between the air temperature and the ice. If there is insufficient ice surrounding the bulk of food it will not be able to maintain a proper temperature. This is especially true on a hot summer day.
  7. Make sure ice chests or cooler drains are left open. You do not want foods, containers of foods or pop sitting in standing water, as this can be a source of contamination.
  8. Ice that is put in drinks is a food and should be handled properly and protected during storage. Do not use ice, that has been used to maintain food cold, in any type of drinks.
  9. Do not put cooked meat that is removed from the grill onto the same plate that you had used for the raw meat.
  10. Check the meat temperature with a probe type thermometer (described in holiday cooking section). Do not re-use meat marinades. Do not use insect spray near foods.
  11. Please refer to the temporary food service reminder section for additional information.

Refer to the basic food safety section if further knowledge is of interest.

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