Food Service Establishments

Dining out

This section is intended for people currently in or are planning to enter the food service industry. Food service  establishments are required to be permitted by the Niagara County Department of Health in accordance with the Niagara County Sanitary Code. This code references Chapter 1 of the NYS Sanitary Code Subpart 14-1. Food service establishments prepare food intended for individual portion service and include the site at which the individual portions are provided, whether consumption occurs on or off the premises. Permits are also required of temporary food service establishments, mobile food service establishments and food carts. For example this includes food prepared by or at fairs, carnivals, private caterers, bakers and numerous other special events. Establishments serving frozen desserts, frozen drinks or slushies are also required to apply for a frozen dessert permit. Certain food vending operations are also required to be permitted.  For further information on a particular permit refer to the specific permit listed on this site.

All new and remodeled food service establishments are required to submit plans for review and approval prior to construction. An application with fee and an inspection are necessary to obtain a permit and operate a food service establishment in Niagara County. These applications and more information can be obtained by contacting the office at (716) 439-7579.

Food service establishments are required by code to notify the department when a patron has contacted them regarding a possible foodborne illness.

A copy of the NYS Sanitary Code Chapter 1, Subpart 14.1 can be found under

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