Establishment Risk Assessment

The NYSDOH categorizes permitted food service establishments based upon foods and population served (risk assessment) and prioritize inspections focusing on items that could potentially contribute to foodborne illness.

Examples of the three categories of risk assessment are:

  • Low (bars, taverns, retail donut shops, some temporary food operations and coffee shops).
  • Medium (fast food restaurants, submarine shops, pizza parlors, some retail bakeries, some mobile food establishments and short-order breakfast and lunch establishments).
  • High (Those which prepare roasted meats, sauces, gravies, casseroles, potentially hazardous baked goods and foods which contain meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs or shellfish).

Standardized food service inspection officers inspect all high-risk establishments.

New York State has a standardization program to ensure all food service operators are receiving similar inspections,all violations are being observed and are correctly written and the inspectors are performing consistently throughout the state.

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