information-line Helpful Hints

Always use BLACK ink when completing an application.

List any and all arrests on the application; even those that have been sealed or dismissed.

Upon the death of a Niagara County Pistol Permit holder, the estate of the deceased is required to report the incident to the Pistol Permit Office within 15 business days.


What is a New York State Carry Permit?
This is a license to own and carry a legally registered handgun in New York State. Your permit is only valid for NY State.
How do I transport and store my guns?
All guns must be concealed if you are carrying them and must be in your possession or in a secured (locked) storage area. Under no circumstances should pistols be left in locations where they may be easily lost or stolen
What if I lose my gun or have my gun stolen?
Any owner of a firearm who suffers the loss or theft of a firearm shall report the same within twenty four hours of the discovery of the loss or theft to the police and to the Pistol Permit Office. You will be required to submit a report from the police agency.
What if I change my name?
You must contact the Pistol Permit Office for an appointment and appear in person within 10 days.
What if I change my address?

This an amendment to your pistol permit, and is done by mail. Instructions for completing an amendment by mail are available at www.niagaracounty.com/Departments/Pistol-Permit-Office

If you are moving to an adjacent county, your permit can remain in Niagara County and you can submit your amendment form by mail. If you are moving to a location other than an adjacent county, or moving out of state, you must call the Pistol Permit Office.

What is the procedure to follow if I buy, sell or co-register a gun?
This is an amendment to your pistol permit which is done by mail. A Bill of Sale is required for all transactions. “Buyer/Purchaser” must obtain a valid NICS background check completed by a NYS Dealer unless the “Buyer” is exempt. Exemptions are immediate family members only. Spouse, domestic partner, children and or/step children. Instructions for completing an amendment by mail are available at www.niagaracounty.com/Departments/Pistol-Permit-Office
Can I purchase a gun outside of NY State?
If you purchase a handgun outside of NYS, or from a site on the internet, the guns must be shipped to a NYS Dealer.
Can I use a gun before I register it?
All handguns in your possession must be registered on your permit. Antique/black powder pistols are exempt from licensing, but only if they are unloaded. Anyone possessing such handguns together with ammunition for same, must register it on a valid permit.
Can I lend my gun to another individual?
You cannot legally allow another individual to handle your gun unless it is registered on the persons permit. If you are on a licensed shooting range and a range instructor is present, you may allow another person to handle registered guns.
Is there a difference between the term 'full carry' which is applied to Niagara County permits, and the term 'unrestricted' which may be used in other counties throughout NYS?
No, 'fully carry' and 'unrestricted' mean the same thing and should be considered interchangeable.