NCDMH Compliance Program

Niagara County Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
Compliance Program

Myrla Gibbons Doxey, LMFT
Deputy Director / Compliance Officer
5467 Upper Mountain Rd, Suite 200, Lockport, NY 14094
Direct Line (716) 439-7420

Confidential Compliance Reporting Mechanisms
Direct call to Compliance Officer
Hotline: (716) 438-3160
Fax: (716) 438-3161
Office / Mailing Address: 5467 Upper Mountain Rd. Suite 200, Lockport, NY 14094
Compliance Boxes located at in each program area for staff


Niagara County Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (also referred to as "NCDMH" or "the Department") is committed to providing services of the highest quality and to being in full compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.  As part of that commitment, NCDMH has adopted a Compliance Plan and the Standards of Conduct as the basis of its efforts in fostering an organizational culture that promotes responsible and honest conduct, transparency in all business transactions, and adherence to the laws and regulations of the government oversight agencies and funders.

For purposes of the Compliance Policy, the term “Affected Individuals” includes all persons who are affected by the Department’s risk areas including employees, independent contractors, agents, subcontractors, and governing body (Community Services Board), hereafter referred to as “Affected Individuals”.


NCDMH is, and will remain, committed to our responsibility to conduct our business affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards.  We will hold all Affected Individuals to these same standards.

NCDMH is committed to maintaining and measuring the effectiveness of our Compliance Program and Standards of Conduct through monitoring and auditing systems reasonably designed to detect noncompliance by Affected Individuals.

NCDMH is committed to the prevention of improper or illegal activities and to provide mechanisms to detect noncompliance, including but not limited to, any violations of laws and regulations, healthcare program requirements, the Standards of Conduct and NCDMH’s policies and procedures.  

NCDMH is committed to the prompt investigation and resolution of reported or detected noncompliance. 

NCDMH is committed to the performance of regular, periodic compliance audits by internal and/or external auditors who have expertise in Federal and State healthcare statutes, regulations, and healthcare program requirements.

Compliance Plan
Compliance Manual (access restricted to Affected Individuals)
Standards of Conduct    

Information for Reporting Medicaid Fraud to the NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG)
Office of the Medicaid Inspector General
Bureau of Medicaid Fraud Allegations800 North Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12204877-87-FRAUD (877-873-7283)

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