Hope House

The Peer Recovery Respite Center

Program Description

The Niagara County program was developed to provide services to Niagara County adults in a home-like, safe and secure environment. peer-operated services are designed to alleviate one's emotional worry with helpful and thoughtful support.

This program is in partnership with Niagara County Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Community Missions of Niagara Frontier, and Mental Health Association in Niagara County.

Mission Statement

Hope House provides support, empowerment and healing opportunities to guests, during a mental health crisis, promoting stability and hospital diversion.

Hours of Operation
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Phone Number
(716) 433-6543

Recovery (Tools) Services

Recovery Warm Line: The ultimate goal of this program is to keep adults in their communities of support while minimizing the use of the emergency room and offering hospital diversion as a desired outcome. The program provides the following:

  • The Peer adult provides, through face to face meetings and / or phone support, the opportunity to prevent the onset of an emotional crisis.
  • The Recovery Line is a key strategy for Niagara County adults with psychiatric disabilities to recognize and deal with their own mental health triggers.

Respite Beds: Respite services are offered, as appropriate, for hospital diversion, temporary housing, symptom management, and as a rest or relief from stressors to current living situations. All four (4) beds are offered at 344 Walnut Street in Lockport, NY.

Respite Services provide the following:

  • Adults with psychiatric disabilities a safe, sober, clean environment in which to temporarily live (not designed as a long stay residence);
  • Assist peers resolve immediate emotional distress and worry, and to begin using tools for recovery and wellness.

Therapeutic Support & Intervention: Hope House has a qualified mental health professional to provide mobile transitional support to the Hope House guest in their time of need. When a guest is in crisis, this level of support can be instrumental to prevent hospitalization, unnecessary emergency room visits, or further crisis situations.

The qualified mental health professional is able to:

  • Meet with the Hope House guest off hours at Hope House;
  • Provide therapeutic support;
  • Assist with development of coping strategies, skill development, safety planning, and therapeutic interventions as necessary;
  • Help assure linkage to appropriate services upon departure from Hope House.
This support is recovery oriented and coordinated with the Peer Services at Hope House which are provided by the Mental Health Association of Niagara County.

Peer Recovery Services: Specialized Peer Recovery Services are provided to Respite guests, those peers utilizing the Recovery Line and those peers engaged in the community.

Peer Services Staff will provide:

  • Wellness Coaching;
  • Support Group Facilitation; and
  • Benefits Advisement.
Peer Recovery Services support Person-Centered Planning, Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), and Quality of Life discussions while being presented trauma informed care environment of peers.

Outcomes include:

  • Skill development toward making person-focused choices, and
  • Development and implementation of key behavior strategies to move toward successful independence and community-based recovery.

These services are made possible by Niagara County Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and New York State Office of Mental Health Funds.Well Niagara App Download ImageThe Well Niagara Webpage is also available at https://www.wellniagara.niagaracounty.com/