Course Map

RULES OF PLAYcoursemap

  1. USGA rules govern all play except as modified by the following course rules.
  2. Out of bounds marked by white stakes: Loss of distance – 1 stroke penalty left of Nos 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
  3. Each player must provide himself with an individual set of clubs and bag.
  4. No more than a foursome is allowed.
  5. All players must register with the starter.


  1. Players unable to keep up with play must allow faster groups to play through.
  2. Keep carts a minimum of 30 feet from tees and greens.
  3. Please repair ball marks, replace divots, and rake sand traps.
  4. Shirts must be worn at all times.

Please Note

All golfers are responsible for any property damage or personal injury caused by their actions, whether intentional or not. Niagara County assumes no liability for the action of others while on the course. The Director of Golf has the right to refuse playing privileges to anyone who violates the above rules, course rules or accepted rules of golf etiquette.