Migrant Labor Camps

The housing of migrant, or seasonal, agricultural workers is necessary in Niagara County due to the seasonal nature of most crops creating peak labor demands.  These demands are generally not of sufficient duration to be met by local laborers who would need other income to supplement the short burst of income provided by seasonal work.  The health and welfare of the individual worker is, of course, of great importance and therefore good housing is a necessity for the migrant worker.  In general, the producer is expected to provide and pay for the cost of housing absorbing the costs as a part of production and is reflected in the cost the consumer must pay.  NCDOH regularly inspects migrant labor camps to insure sanitary conditions are maintained.  The department insures and inspects for adequate sleeping quarters, living space, fire protection, water and sewer facilities.

Regulations, Codes, and Standards affecting Migrant Labor Camps Include:

  • Sanitary Code of the Niagara County Health District Chapter XI.
  • New York State Sanitary Code-Title 10, Chapter 1, Part 15.