LEADSAFE Niagara County – Lead Hazard Reduction Program

The Niagara County Department of Health is now accepting applications for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program. This program offers an opportunity to address lead hazards in eligible homes in Niagara County, specifically targeting the cities of Niagara Falls and Lockport. Lead hazard control activities through this grant program can include replacement windows, replacement doors, fresh paint, new siding, and aluminum trim.

Both owner-occupied and rental properties are eligible to apply for the Lead Hazard Reduction Program. All properties must be built prior to 1978. The property must have no major structural defects, and the owner must be current on all monies owed to the County of Niagara.

In order to be eligible for the program, the property must have been built prior to 1978 and a child under the age of 6 must live in the household or frequently visit (at least 2 days per week and 3 hours per day). HUD’s income guidelines must be met, but eligibility is based on the income of residents and tenants, not the income of rental property owners. See the income eligibility guidelines for 2023 below:


This program does not reimburse for work already completed, nor does it pay property owners to repair their own properties. Instead, a full lead-based paint inspection and risk assessment is conducted, and then qualified lead abatement contractors are selected by the Program to complete the lead hazard control work. 

Our goal is to maximize the number of children protected from lead poisoning and increase the number of lead-safe housing units in Niagara County. Keep your family happy, healthy, and lead-free!

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