Food Protection Information

Niagara County Food Service Establishment Inspections 
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Food Protection Information

Basic Food Safety
foodsafety***In response to COVID-19, all previously scheduled 2020 Basic Food Safety Classes have been cancelled until further notice*** 

Further information will be provided when classes are scheduled to resume.

A basic food safety class is offered, usually on the second Monday of each month,
at the Shaw Building in Lockport, NY.

It is free of charge and is held from 9:00AM until 12:00 noon. A certificate of attendance is issued to all participants. Some topics covered include sanitation, proper food handling techniques, HACCP, code requirements and much, much more. Special training may be arranged for large groups upon request. The department encourages education in food safety; our staff is always available for questions and welcomes any interest in protecting the public’s safety. 

As a special service, this class is also open to the general public.

For more information, please call (716) 439-7444 during office hours (8am-4pm M-F).

2020 - Basic "Food Safety" Course Schedule
Establishment Risk Assessment
riskassess-1The NYSDOH categorizes permitted food service establishments based upon foods and population served (risk assessment) and prioritize inspections focusing on items that could potentially contribute to foodborne illness.

Examples of the three categories of risk assessment are:

  • Low (bars, taverns, retail donut shops, some temporary food operations and coffee shops).
  • Medium (fast food restaurants, submarine shops, pizza parlors, some retail bakeries, some mobile food establishments and short-order breakfast and lunch establishments).
  • High (Those which prepare roasted meats, sauces, gravies, casseroles, potentially hazardous baked goods and foods which contain meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs or shellfish).
Standardized food service inspection officers inspect all high-risk establishments.

New York State has a standardization program to ensure all food service operators are receiving similar inspections,all violations are being observed and are correctly written and the inspectors are performing consistently throughout the state.
Food Protection Guide
guideFood is any edible substance, ice, beverage or any ingredient used or intended for human consumption. It is important to insure the safety of food whether in a public establishment or an individual’s home. Foodborne illness can be preventable with proper food handling procedures. Education and compliance is the key to obtaining these goals.
Food Service Complaints
Regarding food service establishments, the public may lodge complaints by contacting the office at (716) 439–7579 or email us at

The department will investigate all complaints according to NYSDOH code. These complaints must be of public health significance or nature.
Food Service Establishments
foodestThis section is intended for people currently in or are planning to enter the food service industry. Food service  establishments are required to be permitted by the Niagara County Department of Health in accordance with the Niagara County Sanitary Code. This code references Chapter 1 of the NYS Sanitary Code Subpart 14-1. Food service establishments prepare food intended for individual portion service and include the site at which the individual portions are provided, whether consumption occurs on or off the premises. Permits are also required of temporary food service establishments, mobile food service establishments and food carts. For example this includes food prepared by or at fairs, carnivals, private caterers, bakers and numerous other special events. Establishments serving frozen desserts, frozen drinks or slushies are also required to apply for a frozen dessert permit. Certain food vending operations are also required to be permitted.  For further information on a particular permit refer to the specific permit listed on this site.

All new and remodeled food service establishments are required to submit plans for review and approval prior to construction. An application with fee and an inspection are necessary to obtain a permit and operate a food service establishment in Niagara County. These applications and more information can be obtained by contacting the office at (716) 439-7579.

Food service establishments are required by code to notify the department when a patron has contacted them regarding a possible foodborne illness.

A copy of the NYS Sanitary Code Chapter 1, Subpart 14.1 can be found under

Resources> Codes & Regulations
Food Service Guidelines
  1. An accurate probe-type thermometer having a dial face marked from 0°F to 220°F with every 2° graduation is required to monitor food temperatures. Digital thermometers, having the same temperature range, are also allowed.
  2. Cold hold for potentially hazardous food is 45°F or colder.
  3. Hot hold for potentially hazardous food is 140°F or warmer.
  4. All reheated foods must be brought to a temperature of 165°F or warmer before serving.
  5. Leftovers are to be discarded or cooled properly. Proper cooling choices are to cool using an ice bath or to place food in containers at a depth of 2 to 4 inches. The requirement requires the chilling from 120°F to 70°F in 2 hours or less and from 70° F to 45° F in 4 hours or less. Vent, or do not cover food, until cool (equal to or below 45°).
  6. Hand barriers (gloves, deli paper, and utensils) are needed for ready to eat food. Manual contact of food is prohibited unless food will receive further heat treatment.
  7. Raw fruits and vegetables must be washed before use.
  8. All food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable.
  9. Refrigerators need to be cold (45°F or below) before placing food inside. Ice chests need to be left unplugged so melted water can continually drain. Ice chests can maintain excellent food temperatures with adequate ice.
  10. Shellfish must come from an approved source and the tags must be held for 90 days.
  11. Food needs to be protected at all times. Displayed food needs to be protected from the public by a sneeze guard, individually wrapped or some other acceptable method. During outdoor events, a large umbrella, tent or canopy should be used to protect food. Food or food service items cannot be stored directly on the ground or floor.
  12. Transportation of all food needs to be suitable to prevent any contamination and maintain adequate food temperatures.
  13. Store wiping cloths in sanitizing solution. Using approximately one half teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water should be sufficient to sanitize surfaces.
  14. A 3-bay sink or bin set-up is required to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes and utensils after use.
  15. Home canned or home-prepared foods are not allowed.
  16. Hair needs to be properly restrained.
  17. Mobile units must empty holding tanks and fill with fresh potable water from an approved source prior to an event. An adequate supply of water is required. Only use food grade hoses with a backflow preventor when using a spigot as a water source.
  18. Properly handle and dispose of all waste. Do not create standing water. Wastewater must be disposed of in a sanitary sewage system.
Foodborne diseases
The Niagara County Department of Health maintains a foodborne disease surveillance program. The department investigates all complaint/reports of foodborne illness in accordance with standard protocols established by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

Prompt notification by the public is vital to be able to obtain stool or vomitus samples. Samples and symptoms are used to determine pathogens. Unfortunately notification often comes after symptoms have passed and no samples can be obtained. Some common symptoms of foodborne illness are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. There are many possible symptoms, causes and time frames involved. A thorough investigation for a determination is needed and cooperation from the public is greatly appreciated.

If a person believes that a foodborne illness event is occurring, please call the Niagara County Department of Health at (716) 439-7579 immediately.
Frozen Dessert Permits
dessertFrozen desserts are any frozen product that is made and stored in the same machine and dispensed from this machine. Examples are soft-serve ice cream, soft-serve frozen custard, ice milk, fruit sherbet, non-fruit sherbet, water ices, slushies, frozen yogurt, freezer made milk shakes, whipped cream confections and dietary frozen dessert. Frozen desserts also include any mix used in making such frozen desserts and any products that are similar in appearance, odor, or taste to such products or are prepared or frozen as frozen desserts are customarily prepared, whether made with dairy products or non-dairy products. Any operation producing chips or flakes of ice made from water with or without additives, served to the consumer with or without flavoring added by the operator or consumer, is included as a retail frozen dessert within this definition. These operations are commonly referred to as slush or snow-cone operations.).

To obtain a frozen dessert application or for more information please call the Niagara County Department of Health at (716) 439-7444
General Public Guidelines
This section is intended to help educate the general public so they may protect their health with proper food handling procedures. The public’s concern over food safety has grown over the years. Actual outbreaks, coupled with television shows and newspaper articles, have increased the public’s awareness. Today’s population lives with food obtained from a world market. Safe handling of food becomes increasingly important to prevent foodborne illness.
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
haccpHigh-risk establishments may also receive a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) based inspection once a year. The process sets specific control factors through the entire production process for a particular food, with monitoring points to ensure that the food is safe at the end of production and service. This is geared toward education and foodborne disease prevention. Either a HACCP or typical food service inspection is required by NYSDOH in addition to the annual inspection for permit in high-risk establishments.
Mobile Food And Food Carts
foodcartsBigA mobile food service establishment is a self-contained food service operation, located in a vehicle or a movable stand, self- or otherwise propelled, used to store, prepare, display or serve food intended for individual portion service. A pushcart is a cart or barrow, manually propelled and used to vend food intended for individual portion service. For some helpful guidelines please refer to the temporary food service reminder section. All mobile food service establishments and food carts are required to have a permit from Niagara County Department of Health.
Potentially Hazardous Foods
hazardousPotentially hazardous food is any food that consists in whole or in part of milk or milk products, rice or other ingredients, including synthetic ingredients, in a form capable of supporting:

  • the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms:
  • the slower growth of C. botulinum. The term does not include foods with a water activity (Aw) value of 0.85 or less, or a hydrogen ion concentration (pH) level of 4.6 or below.
Potentially hazardous foods must be held at or below 45°F or equal to or above 140°F.
Proper Cooking Temperatures
  1. Cook ground meats to a minimum of 158°F
  2. Cook poultry to an internal temp of 165°F
  3. Cook roast beef to a minimum of 130°F on first day onlycooking
  4. Cook pork to a minimum of 150°F
  5. Cook eggs to a minimum of 145°F
  6. All other foods cook to a minimum of 140°F
  7. All reheated foods need to be cooked to a minimum of 165°F
  8. All cold foods must be held at 45°F or below.
Restaurant Food Security
foodsecurityThere are preventative measures operators serving food to the public can take to reduce the risk of creating or spreading foodborne hazards. Food can be a vehicle for the spread of biological or chemical agents as part of a terrorist attack.
Information can be found regarding food safety and bioterrorism at the gateway website at or call 1 (888) SAFEFOOD.
Safe Holiday Meals
It is very important to completely thaw a frozen turkey before cooking.  A turkey should never be thawed at room temperature.  Wash your hands before any food preparation.  

Thawing a Turkey:

  • Best Method:  On a plate under refrigeration – which can take over 3 days (5 hours per pound).
  • Alternative Method:  Place the turkey in a large pot in the kitchen sink and continuously run water cooler than 70°F over the bird. The turkey needs to be totally submerged in the water and the sink drain cannot be plugged, so excess water, as it runs over the side of the pot, goes down the drain.
Note:  Stuffing turkeys is not recommended due to concern of bacteria. 

Immediately upon thawing:

  1. Place turkey in preheated oven.
  2. Sanitize all surfaces that the turkey might have come in contact with during any of the preparation.  Putting ½ teaspoon bleach in one-gallon water will create a sanitizing solution.  Be sure to wash and sanitize your hands as well. 
  3. Cook the turkey until temperature in deepest part is 165°F minimum. Do not touch bone with thermometer as the temperature reading may become inaccurate. The recommended type of thermometer to use is a dial faced, probe type thermometer that has delineation for every 2°F. The temperature range should go from 0°F to 220°F on the face. In this way, both cold and hot food temperatures can be monitored. These types of thermometers can be found at a relatively low cost usually at your local grocery or discount store.
  4. Foods being held for service should be maintained at or above 140°F.
Note:  If you stuffed the turkey anyway, once turkey is cooked & over the minimum temperature requirement, all of the stuffing needs to be removed immediately upon taking the turkey from the oven. 


Do not leave food sitting on counter, it must be refrigerated within two hours of cooking.  Food should not be stored in a container deeper than 4" & should be left uncovered until the food is cold, but must be refrigerated within two hours of first serving.       

Leftovers should be reheated to a minimum of 165°F.
Safe Picnics and Barbecues
  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before preparing or serving food.
  2. Make sure all fresh fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed, using plenty of clean potable water.
  3. During cold salad preparations make sure all ingredients are cold prior to mixing them together.
  4. All equipment being used needs to have been properly cleaned.
  5. Minimize any hand contact.
  6. Make sure all cold salads (macaroni, potato, etc.) are kept below 45°F either on ice or under refrigeration. To ensure proper cold hold temperatures using ice make sure to bury the container of salad so ice is under and surrounds all of the food. There is competition between the air temperature and the ice. If there is insufficient ice surrounding the bulk of food it will not be able to maintain a proper temperature. This is especially true on a hot summer day.
  7. Make sure ice chests or cooler drains are left open. You do not want foods, containers of foods or pop sitting in standing water, as this can be a source of contamination.
  8. Ice that is put in drinks is a food and should be handled properly and protected during storage. Do not use ice, that has been used to maintain food cold, in any type of drinks.
  9. Do not put cooked meat that is removed from the grill onto the same plate that you had used for the raw meat.
  10. Check the meat temperature with a probe type thermometer (described in holiday cooking section). Do not re-use meat marinades. Do not use insect spray near foods.
  11. Please refer to the temporary food service reminder section for additional information.
Refer to the basic food safety section if further knowledge is of interest.
Temporary Food Establishments
tempfoodA temporary food service establishment is a place where food is prepared or handled and sTemporary Food Establishmenterved to the public, with or without charge and which operates at a fixed location in conjunction with a single event or celebration of not more than 14 days duration. All such establishments are required to obtain a Niagara County Department of Health Permit to operate in Niagara County. Please mention, when calling the office, if there is intent to participate in more than two events in this county during the year. 

To request an application or receive more information, please call the Niagara County Department of Health at (716) 439-7579. or download the application here. 

UmbrellaTemporary Food Service Check List
(You are responsible to meet all conditions of NY Sanitary Code, 14-2)

Temporary food service is typically a single event by a local organization (not using a push cart or trailer) to raise funds by selling a variety of foods as well as simple food and drink such as hot dogs, prepackaged snacks, pop, etc.
The following items are basic requirements for safe food service to the public.

Thermometer1.     Must have a safe cooking apparatus.

2.    Must have a covered food preparation area.   (Umbrella, Pop-Up Tent, etc.)

3.    Must have insulated containers to keep food cold (less than 45°f) or hot (greater than 140°f). Suggest   ice chests have thermometers to make sure food is kept below 45f.Thernoneter

4.    Must have accurate food testing thermometer.  (0 to 220°f) 

5.    Must cook to proper temperature. you do not have to check every cooked item. check  occasionally to confirm you are reaching the minimum temperatures.  (Cook hot dogs to 140°F, hamburgers to 158°F, everything else is safe at 165°F)

6.    Must have head coverings.  (hair nets, caps, etc.)

7.    Must have gloves, tongs, etc. to handle food.  (if it goes into the mouth you cannot touch it.        bread, buns, ice, etc.  must be handled with gloves, etc.)

8.    Sponges are not recommended. (outside it is acceptable to have vertical pole stands to hold a paper  towel rolls.)

9.    Hand wash facility.  (when outside, a multi gallon container with a spigot and catch bucket is ok.)

10.    Must have proper sanitizing solution, know how to use it, and have test strips. (the sanitizer is not the soap solution for washing debris. the sanitizer is to drop the bacterial count on surfaces that are already clean to minimize the chance of someone getting sick. )

11.    Must have a 3-bay set-up big enough for utensils used. (when outside you can use 3 five (5) gallon buckets to  wash w/soap, rinse w/water, sanitize w/bleach or quat).   A seperate bucket w/cloth or spray bottle is to be used for sanitizing surfaces.

12.    Single serve items (paper plates, etc.) must be in dispensers (original packaging is ok).

13.    All utensils must be stored facing in the same direction (to touch handles only).

14.    Drinks and food items must be adequately drained when stored in ice.

Sanitizing Solutions  (Either type is acceptable)

Be sure to get the proper test strips for each type of sanitizer.

Chlorine (liquid chlorine bleach added to water or powder dissolved in water)

3 Bay Sink  50 - 100 PPM chlorine (Soak for 1 minute and air dry – do not wipe dry)

Cloth Wipe Buckets (or spray bottle) 100 PPM chlorine (½ tablespoon of household bleach to 1 gallon of water is approx. 100 PPM chlorine, check with strips)

Soft Serve Custard Machine Cleaning 200 PPM chlorine
QUAT or QAC (quaternary ammonium compounds - liquid or powder added to water)

3 Bay Sink  200 PPM quat (Soak for 1 minute and air dry – do not wipe dry)

Cloth Wipe Buckets (or spray bottle) 200 PPM quat

Soft Serve Custard Machine Cleaning 400 PPM quat
Proper (minimum) cooking temperatures

1.    Rare Roast Beef Steak and Beef Steak (single slab, no penetrations) 130 F

2.    Precooked Commercially Prepared Potentially Hazardous Foods and Potentially Hazardous Foods Not On This List 140 F

3.    Shell Eggs and Egg Containing Foods 145 F

4.    Pork 150 F    

5.    Ground Meat 158 F

6.    Poultry, Poultry Stuffing, Stuffed Meats and Stuffing Containing Poultry 165 F
Trans Fat Free Program
On March 29, 2007 the Niagara County Board of Health unanimously passed a motion recognizing those Food Service establishments in Niagara County that have addressed the issue of artificial trans fat at their restaurants, in whole or in part.  Bakery operations were also included in the motion.  Recognition will include the issuance of a Certificate, the posting of information in this regard on the County of Niagara website and providing this information in a written format to all requesting same.  In addition, a decal will be made available for restaurant window/door posting, noting trans fat free participation.

 The Niagara County Board of Health notes that the way the Health Department protects and promotes the health of our citizens is by assuring the safety of food served in restaurants through permitting and inspection.  Trans fat in food is dangerous to health and unnecessary.  The Health Department is committed to protecting Niagara County residents and visitors from avoidable health hazards.  Eliminating trans fat and replacing it with healthy alternatives will reduce coronary heart disease events.  While many nutrition issues affect health, the Board of Health is taking this action as this significant threat to heart health can be eliminated through simple measures.  In Niagara County the rate of heart disease is one of the highest in New York State.

Trans Fat Free Establishments 
Trans Fat Free Press Release 
Trans Fat Free Brochure "Does Your Kitchen Need an Oil Change?" 
Vending Machine Permits
vendingA vending machine is a self-service device which when activated dispenses unit servings of food or beverage without requiring replenishing between each vending operation.  Vending machines requiring permit in Niagara County are those dispensing perishable or potentially hazardous foods such as refrigerated foods, pastry, milk, ice cream, open cup dispensed hot or cold beverages, hot canned foods, snack with perishable foods or water vending. A food vending machine commissary is a place where food, containers or supplies are processed or packaged and prepared for use in food vending machines. A food vending operation is the place where food vending machines are located and includes the food vending machine servicing equipment, utensils, personnel, single service articles, tables, chairs, that part of the premises used in connection with the food vending operation and all other appurtenances required and used to operate and maintain the food vending machine.

For an application or more information call (716) 439-7511
Takeout Delivery Options
Niagara County Food Service Establishments Offering Takeout/Delivery Options

The Niagara County Department of Health understands the difficulties imposed on our restaurant community resulting from the mandatory elimination of seating at their place of business.

Many facilities have opted to adopt a take-out and or delivery model for their food service operation.  For others, this has been a primary model all along.

To help support our Niagara County Food Service businesses, we have compiled a list of businesses offering take-out / delivery options to provide the public a readily accessible list of operators, addresses, phone numbers, website, and hours of operation.

If you are a food service operator that would like to be added to this listing, please provide the following information via email to

Restaurant Name:
City (Area served):
Phone Number:
Hours of Operation:
Curbside Pickup:
3rd Party Delivery:

Restaurant Name Address City PhoneNumber Hours of Operation Take Out Curbside Pickup Delivery 3rd Party Delivery Notes Website
Aguacates Mx Restaurant 5674 S Transit Rd, Lockport Lockport 280-3785 11-9pm X     X
ALL WENDY’S Several in the area     6am-10pm X     X    
Anchor Bar Niagara Falls 114 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY, 14303 Niagara Falls 371-0234 11-9pm X       Lunch & Dinner Takeout
Applebee’s - LP 5822 South Transit Road, Lockport, NY 14094 Lockport 439-1270 S-Th 11-9, F/Sat 11-10 X   X X
Applebee’s - NF 1608 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Niagara Falls 298-1085 S-Th 11-9, F/Sat 11-10 X   X X
Apple Grannys Restaurant 433 Center St, Lewiston, NY 14092 Lewiston 754-2028 T-Sun 11-8p   X     Open for curbside pick up
Augies Diner  8207 Niagara Falls Blvd  Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Niagara Falls 298-4288 M-Thu 9-1pm/F 11-7pm/Sat-Sun 9-1pm X   X Doordash augies diner 
B&B BBQ 105 Telegraph Road Middleport NY Middleport 585-590-0173 M,Th-Sat 2-8p/ Sun 2-7 X
Bakery Restaurant 3004 Niagara St Niagara Falls, NY 14303 Niagara Falls 282-9498 4 pm-9pm X X X
Bandana's Bar and Grill 930 Lake Rd Youngstown 745-1010   X X     Open for takeout and curbside pick up
Big Fatty's 5860 East Main St. Olcott Olcott 607-425-2918 1-8pm X   X      
BillyMac' Pizzeria 2555 Youngstown Lockport Rd, Ransomville NY 14131  Ransomville 791-3107 11-8pm X   X     FB: BillyMac's Pizzeria
Black Willow Winery 5565 W Lake Rd,  Burt NY 14028 Olcott 439-1982 M-F 12-5, 10-6 Sat/Sun X   X
Boland's Beef & Brew 2605 Youngstown Lockport Rd., Ransomville 14131 Ransomville 791-4100 M-Sat 5p-8p X       Pick-up only Facebook
Bonjour Crepes 41 East Avenue, Lockport NY, 14094 Lockport 478-4983 M-F 9-3, Sat-Sun 9-2 X     Doordash
Brickyard Pub & BBQ and Brickyard Brewing Company 432 Center Street, Lewiston, NY 14092 Lewiston 754-7227 12-8pm X X     Curbside Pickup  (Combined menu soon)
Broadway pizza   7320 Niagara Falls BLVD, NIAGARA FALLS NY  Niagara Falls 282-2500 M-Sat 10-10/ Sun 11-10  X   X
Buzzy's Pizzeria  7617 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls 14304 Niagara Falls 283-5333 11-9p X   X
Cammarata's Restaurant 6336 Robinson Rd Lockport 433-5353 4-8p X X X Doordash Dinner Menu, Specials, Fri Fish Fry
CasaAntica (Italian Food) 490 Center St Lewiston NY 14092 Lewiston 754-2581    754-2582 11-8p X X X   FB: CasaAntica Restaurant and Lounge IG:CasaAnticarestaurant_lounge
Casa Nova Restaurant 3041 Military Rd, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 297-9544 Tu-Sat 3-8p X X       FB:Casa Nova Ristorante
Chiavetta's BBQ Take-Out 6100 Fisk Rd Lockport NY, 14094  Lockport 625-9503 11-6pm X   X X
Chipotle Mexican Grill 1785 Military Road  Niagara Falls 297-1745 10:45am-10pm X   X DoorDash App for order/pickup/takeout  
Confectionately Yours, Jen 8881 Ridge Road, Gasport, NY 14067 Gasport 957-8225   X   X   Call ahead with orders Found on Facebook (menu in photos)
Country Cottage Restaurant  4072 Beach Ridge Road Pendleton NY 14120 Pendleton 693-4911 M-Sat 8-8/ Sun 8-5 X   SOON SOON
Covey’s Cove 5855 Main St. Olcott  Olcott 638-4593   4-8pm X 
Crazy jakes   26 Webster St, North Tonawanda NY 14120 North Tonawanda 693-9309   X          
Danny Sheehan's steak house 491 West Ave Lockport, NY 14094 Lockport 433-4666 M-Sat 4-8/ Sun 1-6 X   X
David's Steak Hoagy 8442 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls NY 14304 Wheatfield 283-3322 S-Th 11-9p, F-Sat 11-10p X   X
Davison Road Inn   "DRI" 383 Davison Road, Lockport, NY Lockport 434-8444 3-8pm X X     Curbside (Prepay)
De Dee's Dairy  8715 Niagara Falls Blvd.  Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Niagara Falls 297-8856 12-9p X          
Dominos 6405 Dysinger rd lockport Lockport 478-7744 10:30-midnight X   X
Dunkin 621 Niagara st. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 299-0123 7-7pm X
Dunkin 6601 Niagara Falls Blvd. Niagara Falls 236-7671 5am-10pm X
Dunkin 2260 Niagara Falls Blvd Wheatfield 216-4953 5am-12pm X
Dunkin 3821 Lockport/Shawnee Rd Cambria 216-4048 5:30am-6pm X
Dunkin 2560 Youngstown Lockport Rd Ransomville 791-1220 5:30am-6pm X
Dwyer's Irish Pub 65 Webster St North Tonawanda 692-4837 3PM -9PM X   X
Everyday Gourmet Catering 502 Cayuga Drive, Niagara Falls NY, 14304 Niagara Falls 417-6576 M-F 8-1p X   X X Call to place orders
Favorites Pizza 781 Cayuga Street  Lewiston 754-8880 11am-11pm X   X X
Five Guys     1785 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304     Niagara Falls 297-7500 11-10pm X     X
Flybycafe  2028 Lockport rd, Niagara Falls NY 14304 Niagara Falls 371-2066 M-F 530am-1pm, Sat/Sun 6am-1pm X       Breakfast all day FB: Fly by Café
Fortuna’s Restaurant 827 19th Street Niagara Falls 282-2252   X          
Frankie's Donuts and Pizza 717 Portage Road Niagara Falls  Niagara Falls 285-7494 7am-11pm delivery and takeout.  X   X X 24 hours takeout
Fred's Pizza and Hoagies 3986 Lockport-Olcott Rd LP,Newfane, Barker, Wilson, Ransomville, Hartland,Gasport 438-3900 11-10p X X X   Cash or credit, can pay over phone  FB:Fred's Pizza-Wrights corners
Frenchys Restaurant and Pizzeria 2210 Niagara st, Niagara falls New York 14303 Niagara Falls 282-5091 11-10pm X   X
G-Mac’s Inn 5984 Ward Rd, Sanborn Sanborn 216-4132 Tu-Sat 3-7p X X        
Gadawski's Restaurant 1445 Falls St Niagara Falls,NY 14303 Niagara Falls 282-7246    282-0320 Tu/W 11-2p, Th 11-5p, F 11-8p X X X   Menu and Specials on Facebook  
Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen   800 Center St, Lewiston NY, 14092 Lewiston 405-7596 12-8pm X   X X
Good Guys’ Pizza 1248 Ruie Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 North Tonawanda 695-1592 Daily 11-11pm X     X
Goodfellas Pizzeria  745 West Market Street Niagara Falls 285-8448 11-11:30 X X 
Grandma D's Pizzeria 3909 Creek Rd. Youngstown, 14174  Youngstown 219-4100 T-Th 11-9p/F 11-10p/Sa 3-10p/Su 12-9p X X X      
Great Wall 8233 Niagara Falls Blvd, NF, NY Niagara Falls 283-8888   X   X X Grubhub Doordash  
Hard Rock Cafe 333 Prospect St  Niagara Falls, 14303 Niagara Falls 282-0007 11-7pm X     X
Hawaiian BBQ  3345 Delaware Ave Buffalo NY Buffalo 400-2100 11-2p, 5-8p X
Hilltop restaurant & bar  4206 Lake Ave, Lockport NY 14094  Lockport 433-7060 T-Sat 2-9pm,F 11-9, Sun 12-8 X   X
Hoover's Dairy 6035 Ward Road Sanborn, NY 14132  Sanborn 731-3830 S-Fri 11-7/ Sat 8-7  X         Facebook
J&L Boulevard BBQ  697 Erie Ave North Tonawanda 695-8888 M-Sat 11-2 X   X X Takeout, Food truck, delivery, 3rd party deliv.
Johnston’s Restaurant 2575 Academy St Ransomville  Ransomville 791-3511 4-8p X   X   Menu on Facebook   
Judi’s Lounge 2057 Military Rd Niagara Falls NY 14304 Niagara Falls 297-5759 12-8pm X
Kalamata Family Restaurant 5960 S. Transit Rd Lockport 433-2626 9-8p X X X Doordash Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
KENYONS VARIETY - Campbell 6470 CAMPBELL BLVD PENDLETON NY 14094 Pendleton 625-6942 6a-8p X          
KENYONS VARIETY - Lincoln 1121 LINCOLN AVE  LOCKPORT NY 14094 Lockport 434-3301 7-7p X          
KENYONS VARIETY - Robinson 6550 ROBINSON ROAD LOCKPORT   NY 14094 Lockport 439-0535 6a-9p X          
KENYONS VARIETY - Transit 9700 TRANSIT ROAD AMHERST NY 14051 Amherst 636-4511 6a-8p X          
KENYONS VARIETY - Goodrich 5820 GOODRICH ROAD CLARENCE CENTER NY  14032 Clarence 741-2534 7-7p X          
KENYONS VARIETY - Newfane 2897 MAIN STREET NEWFANE NY 14108 Newfane 778-9095 6a-8p X          
Kith & Kin Bakeshop & Bistro 5850 S. Transit Rd Lockport, NY, 14094 Lockport 471-3305 Tu-Sat 10-8p X X X
Laports Restaurant 48 Pine St. Lockport Lockport 433-9756 8-7p X   X      
Leon's Italian Bistro & Pizza 8890 Porter Road Niagara Falls NY Niagara Falls     297-3366 Tu-Th 11-9, F-Sa 11-10, Sun 12-9 X   X X
Lewiston Porter CSD 4061 Creek Road Youngstown NY  14174 Youngstown 286-7240 9-11am X   X
Little Caesars Pizza 1030 Payne, North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 692-1800 S-Th 11-8, Fri/Sat 11-10 X   X Doordash
Loxstock and Barrel 2602 Niagara St., Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 513-9461 Tu-Thu 11-6p/ F 12-8p X
Main Street pizzeria  311 Main Street  Youngstown 745-1130 11-8pm X   X      
Maggie's Kitchen 7610 Ridge Road Gasport N.Y.14067 Gasport 628-9900    772-2697   X       Takeout menu call 628-9900 or 772-2697  

Marinos Subs & More

1412 Pine Avenue NF NY 14301

Niagara Falls


Tu-F 11-10p/Sa 3-9p





Offering Pick-up. Curbside or FREE delivery

Matty's Deli 3819 Forest Pkwy/Shawnee Rd Wheatfield 694-6288 6a-8p X X   SOON Meet us at drive thru & we'll grab any item you need from the store too!  
Mattys Pizza 288 Young st, Wilson 14172 Wilson 751-3907 11am 10 pm  X   X      
Michaels Italian Restaurant 3011 Pine Ave. Niagara Falls NY 14305 Niagara Falls 282-4043 11-7:30p X X
Midnight Run Wine Cellars 3301 Braley Rd. Ransomville, NY 14131 Ransomville 751-6200   X   X   Bottle sales of Wine, local delivery  
New York Beer Project 6933 S. Transit Rd, Lockport 14094 Lockport 743-6927 11-8p X X     Food and Beer to-go (Specify "Curbside")
Old Greenwalls 9105 Cayuga Dr. Niagara Falls,N.Y  Niagara Falls 297-8798 M-F 3-10/ Sat & Sun 11-11 X   X      
Olympia Family Restaurant 3312 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 694-6969 Su-Th 10-8p/F 10-9p/Sa 10-8p X X X   Takeout, Curbside, Deliv. avail w/min order
One-Eyed Jacks Smokehouse 5983 S. Transit Rd. Lockport. NY Lockport 438-5414 T-Th 11-7/Fri-Sat 11-8 X
Orange Tree Inn 2230 Cayuga Drive Extension Wheatfield, NY Wheatfield 731-8181 12pm-8pm X
Panda One Chinese Restaurant 2408 Military Rd, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 304-5328   304-5331 M-Th 1-10:30p / F-Sa 11-11p / Su 12-10p X   X   Located in Payne's Plaza Military Rd  
Panera Bread 5744 S. Transit Rd Lockport, NY Lockport 433-6481 M-Sun 8-8 X   X X
Panera Bread 1508 Military Rd  Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls 297-3567 M-F  7-8:30p, S-S 8-8p X   X X
Papa Leo’s Pizza-Wheatfield 2265 Niagara Falls Blvd, Wheatfield 14304  Wheatfield 731-5911   X   X
Papa Leo’s Pizza-Lockport 36 Main St  Lockport 14094 Lockport 434-4222   X   X
Parker’s Pit LLC 9998 Ridge Road Middleport N.Y. 14105 Middleport 298-7050 11am-7pm Thurs-Sunday X X X      
Parkway Prime Steakhouse & Lounge 401 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY, 14303 Niagara Falls 524-3347 Brkfst: 6am-9am, Din: 5pm-9pm X
Pizza Hut 5687 S. Transit Rd.  Lockport, NY Lockport 433-3909 11-11p X   X
Pizza Hut 7721 Niagara Falls Blvd.  Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls 283-4629 11-11p X   X
Pizza, Wings & Things 1693 Quaker Rd, Barker 14012 Barker 795-3224 12-8p X X X   Specials Posted Daily
Pony’s Irish Pub 23 Main Street, Middleport 14105 Middleport 735-9989 11-9p X          
Ports Pizza & Subs 8396 State St. Gasport, NY 14067 Gasport 772-2210 M-Th 11-8p/Fri-Sat 11-10p/Sun 3-7p X X X   Full Menu available on Facebook  
Red Coach Inn 2 Buffalo Ave. Niagara Falls 282-1459 7:30am - 8:00 pm X     X
Salisa’s All American diner 2214 Niagara Falls Blvd Wheatfield NY 14304 Wheatfield 731-5616 Th 9-6, Fr 9-7, Sa 8-2, Su 8-1 X          
Sanger Farms LLC   852 Youngstown Lockport rd Youngstown  Youngstown 745-7297 Th-Sun 9-7p X
Schulze Vineyards & Winery 2090 Coomer Road, Burt, NY 14028 Newfane/Wilson 778-8090 Sun-Fri 12-6, Sat 10-6 X X X
Scipione's Italian Deli and Catering 3010 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY 14301 Niagara Falls 998-6882   X   X      
Scripts Cafe 2 East Ave., Lockport  Lockport 438-1212 M-F 7-6/Sat 9-4 X X   Doordash
Scripts Juice 12 East Ave, Lockport Lockport 302-3825 M-F 8-6/Sat. 9-4/Sun. 9-2 X     Doordash
Shamus  98 West Ave., Lockport Lockport 433-9809 M-Sat 12-7pm  X   X   Taking orders M-Sat 10-7p
Spring lake Winery 7373 Rochester Road Lockport NY Lockport 439-5253 12-6pm X
Steaksters 2500 Niagara Falls Blvd Wheatfield 731-4545 11-8:30p X   X      
Steak Stone and Sushi - (LP)  5772 S Transit Rd, Lockport 14094 Lockport 433-1459 12pm - 7pm  X     Doordash 
Steak Stone and Sushi - (NF)  1340 Military Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Niagara Falls 215-6815 12pm - 7pm  X     Doordash 
Steamworks Coffee  51 Canal St, Lockport  Lockport 727-0701 8-6pm X
Sticky Face BBQ 276 Oliver St, North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 260-1212 Daily 11am -11pm   X   X X    
Stone Hollow Farm 3807 Stone Road Middleport  Middleport 735-5094 Sat 9-2/self-serve stand open daily  X         FB:StoneHollowFarm
Stooges Stuffed Burger Bar 2 Pine St. Lockport, NY 14094 Lockport 434-1100 T-Sun 12-7p X X X   Delivery City & Town of Lockport
SUBMASTERS 105 MAIN STREET NO. TONAWANDA, NY North Tonawanda 957-3500 10-9pm X   X X   www.SUBMASTERS.US
Subway-Consumer Square 7310 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 283-8000 9-9pm X     X
Subway 316 S Transit, Lockport NY 14094 Lockport 439-8433 M-F 10-8p, Sa/Su 11-7p X     X
Subway (Inside Walmart) 5735 South Transit Rd, Lockport Lockport 433-3500 10-8pm X     X
Sullivan’s Hot Dogs and Ice cream 501 Cayuga Dr Niagara Falls 14304 Niagara Falls 234-4119 11:30-8pm X          
Sunny’s Restaurant   5780 S Transit Rd, Lockport ny 14094 Lockport 433-4747 Daily 11-11pm X
Sunrise Cafe  8503 Rochester Rd.,gasport Gasport 772-7299 6am-2pm, Friday till 8pm X   X   Full Menu Online & FB Facebook
Syros Restaurant 869 Cayuga St, Lewiston 14092 Lewiston 754-1900 M-Sat 7a-9p, Sun 7a-8p X
Tallarico's Pizza 2282 Lockport Rd, Wheatfield Wheatfield 731-4233 M-F 11-9p, Sat 3-9p X X X Doordash    
Tater Cakes Bakeshop   5714 S Transit Rd LOCKPORT, Ny  Lockport 438-7452 Tu-F 7a-6p, sat 9-2p  X
Taylor's Tap and Grill  2279 Niagara Falls Blvd. Wheatfield 216-6078 11-8pm X
Ted’s Hot Dogs  333 Meadow Dr. North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 693-1960 11-8pm X
The 755 Restaurant 755 West Market St Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls 205-8969 T-Su 12-6p X     X American/Lebanese
The Great Foodini Pizzeria    2564 Academy Street Ransomville, NY Ransomville 791-4400 11am - 9pm  X   X
The Hideawaygrille    399 Division Street North Tonawanda 694-2710 Tues thru Friday 11:30 until 7 Saturday 3-7pm X     X
The Lockkeeper Coffee House  272 East Avenue Lockport NY 14094 Lockport 867-8472 S-Thu 9-5/ Fri-Sat 9-9  X     Doordash
The Penalty Box 34 Chestnut Street, Lockport 14094 Lockport 727-0933 11-7:30pm X          
The Prickly Pear Bakery & Eatery 5959 Main Street Olcott NY 14126 Olcott 289-4124 10-8p X X     Wed & Fri Fish Fry 4-8p  
The Rolling Pin Bake Shop 9333 Ridge Rd, Middleport, NY 14105 Middleport 930-0385   X X     by Appt  
The Ski Lodge bar and Grill 405 Niagara St., Lockport 14094 Lockport 438-1460 W-Sat 4-8p X          
The Spicey pickle 463 Center St. Lewiston NY Lewiston 754-2044 11-8pm X     X   Facebook
Tim Hortons 8500 Niagara Falls Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14304 Niagara Falls 297-1641 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 3024 Pine Ave Niagara Falls, NY 14301 Niagara Falls 285-0410 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 2720 Military Rd Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Niagara Falls 297-3947 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 2248 Niagara Rd Niagara Falls NY 14304 Niagara Falls 731-5346 6am-10pm  X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 2970 Saunders Settlement Rd Sanborn NY 14132 Sanborn 731-5151 6am-10pm  X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 4700 Military Rd Niagara Falls, NY 14305 Niagara Falls 297-4232 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 5816 South Transit Rd. Lockport 433-3032 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 6393 Robinson Rd Lockport 433-0030 5a-10p X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 7084 Chestnut Ridge Rd Lockport 438-4480 5:30a-8p X       Takeout & Drive Thru
Tim Hortons 6470 Campbell Blvd Lockport/Pendleton 625-7939 5:30a-8p X       Takeout & Drive Thru
Tim Hortons 2897 Lockport-Olcott Rd Newfane 778-5083 5:15a-9p X       Takeout & Drive Thru
Tim Hortons 748 Niagara Falls Blvd NT /Wheatfield 692-8630 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tim Hortons 4 Transit Rd Lockport 478-0382 5:30a-10p X       Takeout & Drive Thru
Tim Hortons 3984 Lockport-Olcott Rd LP/Wrights Corners 438-2290 24hr X       Drive Thru Only
Tin Pan Alley   775 Cayuga st Lewiston 754-4330 11-8pm X     Doordash
Tom's Diner 11 Main St Lockport Lockport 439-4283 Sat-Wed 8-2p, Th-F 8-5p X X X   Delivery 5mi radius
Tony's Pizza 2935 Saunder Settlement Rd, Sanborn Sanborn 731-5013 Sun-Sat 11a to 9p X   X X    
Tree Top Pizza & Grill 4900 Saunders Settlement Rd, Niagara Falls 14305 Niagara Falls 297-8733 W-F 11-8p/ Sat-Sun 12-8p X X X   Call 297-TREE (297-8733)  
Uncle G's Ice Cream 7030 Washington St, Pendleton 14094 Pendleton 210-3547   X X     Opens April 18

Village Eatery Italian Bistro 429 Davison Road Lockport 433-0688 M-Sat  11am - 8pm, Sun 3-8 X   X
Village Pizzeria 4 State St., Middleport Middleport 735-7621 Su-Th 11-9p, F 11-10p, Sa 3-10p X   X   Delivery Thu-Sat
Wagner's Grill 2672 Lockport Rd. Sanborn Sanborn 731-4440 M-Sa 11-6, Fri later X X        
Wilson Brew Co 315 Catherine St Wilson NY 14172 Wilson 531-8791 M-F 7am to Noon, Sat 8a-Noon X          
Wilson's Pizza Shop 2730 Main Street, Newfane                    Newfane 778-9651 T-Th 11-830/Fri 11-930/Sa 12pm-930/Su 3-8 X   X   Facebook-Wilson's Pizza Shop 
Witter’s Sports Bar & Grill 300 Oliver Street, North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 693-1370 M-Th 11-7pm, Fri 11-8pm X     X
Woodcock Bros. Brewing Co.-NT 908 Niagara Falls Blvd, North Tonawanda North Tonawanda 260-1284 Th-Sat: 4-8, Sun 2-6 X
Woodcock Bros. Brewing Co.-Wilson 638 Lake St, Wilson  Wilson 333-4000 Th-Sat: 4-8, Sun 2-6 X
Wurlitzer Pizza   1401 Nash Rd. North Tonawanda 14120  North Tonawanda 694-4799 11-9pm X   X
Yubbs 2546 Niagara Falls Blvd, Wheatfield Wheatfield 731-3601 11:30-7:30pm X   X   Full Menu Avail.