Children's Camps

In Niagara County, summer camps must have a county department of health permit to operate legally. These permits are issued only if the camp is in compliance with county and state health regulations. The permit to operate must be displayed in a conspicuous place on the premises.

children1These regulations cover Staff Credentials and Supervision, Health, Safety, Swimming, Overnight and Day Trips, Sports and Activities, Fire Safety, Facilities Design & Location, Staff Training, and Nutrition.

The camp must be inspected twice yearly by a county department of health representative. At least one inspection must be made during the time the camp is in operation. Each camp is checked to make sure that the physical facilities are safe and that supervision is adequate.

Responsibilities of the Niagara County Department of Health Include:
  • Review and approve the required written camp plans for compliance.
  • Inspect camps to assure that: (1) all physical facilities are properly operated and maintained; and (2) adequate supervision exists to provide a healthy and safe environment in accordance with the New York State Sanitary Code.
  • Issue a permit to operate when the required plans and inspection results are satisfactory.
  • Investigate reports of serious incidents of injury, illness and all allegations of abuse or maltreatment.
The time and effort spent in selecting the camp your youngster will attend is important. Keep in touch, especially if it is your child's first camp experience. If possible, visit the camp before and during the camping season.

children2Regulations, Codes, and Standards affecting Children’s Camps Include:

  • Sanitary Code of the Niagara County Health District Chapter VI.
  • New York State Sanitary Code – Chapter 1, Subpart 7-2
Safety Plan Forms

The most up to date safety plans and information can be found on the New York State Department of Health website