Technical Rescue Team

The Niagara County Technical Rescue Team was formed to provide specialized response capabilities to the fire companies operating in Niagara County, surrounding Counties and NYS on a Mutual Aid basis.  The Technical Rescue Team is trained in high angle rescue, trenchTRT rescue, structural collapse, confined space, heavy machinery rescue, wildland search, swift and flood water rescue.  We have equipment for quick response from the Niagara County Emergency Management Office for all disciplines.  The tech rescue team will respond and help the host department mitigate almost any issue.  Our equipment cache include necessary rope rescue equipment, confined space equipment including supplied air respirators, communications and tripods.  We have trench panels and other lumber needed for trench emergencies as well as structural collapse requirements.  We have capabilities to cut through heavy steel or concrete with exo-thermic torches, oxy-acetylene and petrogen torches.  We have low pressure-high lift air bags, medium pressure air bags and high pressure air bags up to 54 tons.  We have Griphoist material movers with a breaking strength of 40,000 lbs.  We can cut metal or concrete with rotary saws, concrete with chain saws and also have concrete busters.  We have a pneumatic line thrower, search cameras, flat bottom jon boat, Zodiac inflatable boat and an abundance of specialty and hand tools.  We also have a cadaver dog with handler as a member of our team.

Technical Rescue Team FAQ

How Do I Join?
We have firefighters from most of the departments in Niagara County as team members, including the career departments.  The basic pre-requisite to join is the Rescue Technician Basic rope class or its equivalent. Applications are available on-line or at the Emergency Management Office.

When Are The Meetings Held?
Meeting/training sessions are held on the third Wednesday every month.

What Kind Of Training Do I Need?
Members are encouraged to take additional training as courses are offered in the area.

More Questions??
If you have any additional questions regarding the Technical Rescue Team please contact the Niagara County Deputy Coordinator Les Myers for additional information at or call him at 716-628-3180.

Join Our Team Today!!!
Niagara County Technical Rescue Team Application
Waiver and Agreement

Current Team Officers
Les Myers from Lewiston No. 1 is the Niagara County Deputy Coordinator for Technical Rescue and serves as the team leader.  He is assisted by Captains Shawn Christman [Wendelville], Jamie McDonough [Wendelville] and Scott Seib [Gasport/BNIA].  Jim Acome [Youngstown] serves as the Training Captain.

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