Fire Advisory Board

The Fire Advisory Board is comprised of elected officials from the Niagara County Chiefs Association from each area, one member at large and 5 members appointed by the Niagara County Firemans Association along with five Niagara County legislators appointed by the legislators. The board also has the four area deputy coordinators as voting members.

One of our main objectives is to advise the Emergency Management Office of any issues that are on going in the fire service and help them come up with solutions to those problems.

The present officers of the board are as follows:

Chairmen Paul T Gurnett (Chiefs Association member at large)
Vice Chairman Art Kroening (Firemans Association) 
Secretary Mike Kislack (Firemans Association)

Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2022 Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2023 Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2023 Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2023 Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2023 Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2023 Meeting Minutes
December 21, 2023 Meeting Minutes