First Responder ID Tags

The Office of Emergency Services issues identification tags to all of the Niagara County's first responders - fire and EMS personnel.  Call (716) 438-3176 with questions about ID tags or to set up an appointment to get your ID tags.

Each Niagara County First Responder will be issued two (2) ID tags:

Identification Tag: Color will depend on the qualifications of its recipient.

  • Red: Interior Firefighter
  • Yellow: Exterior Firefighter
  • Blue: Emergency Medical Services only
  • Green: Fire Police
  • Orange: HazMat
  • Red Candy Striped: Junior Firefighter

Accountability Tag: Green in color, used to account for the responder during response.

There are 3 instances in which you may be issued first responder ID tags:

  1. New member/ never received ID tags before.
    The new member should first contact their Fire Chief for instructions on receiving new tags. Tags can be issued directly from the Office of Emergency Services in Niagara County between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on most weekdays; call (716) 438-3176 to setup an appointment before you come to the office.
  2. Updated tags due to a change in your name, FD, training, or qualifications.*
  3. Tags lost, stolen, or damaged and replacement tags are needed.

The attached form (below) will need to be completed in order to get new, updated, or replacement ID tags. For new ID tags, bring this form with you to the Office of Emergency Services.