Children & Youth With Special Health Care Needs Program

The Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program assists families who have children that have a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition, and require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally. The Program assists the family through information and referral to various community resources that are child and family specific.
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Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Programs across the state are required to identify gaps and barriers to care and develop activities related to these identified areas, Families in Niagara County are currently in the process of being trained to become energetic, enthusiastic, group leaders who are able to speak on behalf of children with special health care needs and their families such as:

  1. Increasing parent involvement in various related activities, and:
  2. Becoming involved in the various Niagara County's Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Programs, and:
  3. Attendance and participate in County and State agency public meetings 
Outreach and public awareness activities are also required components of this program and the need to educate families and the public regarding Child Health Plus, Medicaid and other health insurers continues to grow.
When encounters are made with families, they are queried regarding medical insurance and if they have a medical home.  If the family is uninsured or underinsured, assistance is given to them regarding Medicaid and Child Health Plus.  Encouragement is also given to parents to seek routine primary and preventative care, which will result in healthier children and those with special needs will receive high-quality, comprehensive, appropriate services.

Staff also assists the family in any other type of resource information and referral information they may need such as where to find food, toys, or clothing. In addition, informational packets containing brochures, magnets, posters, and bookmarks on the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program, as well as other programs housed within this division and the Niagara County Health Department are available

For referral to the Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program, please contact (716) 278-8194 or (716) 278-8180.

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