Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program (EISEP)

What services are available?
Information & Referral, on home care options, long term care and information and assistance in applying for insurance and other benefits to EISEP eligible persons.
 Unknown Image Case Management, screening, assessment, care planning, determining eligibility for program subsidies, arranging and authorizing service delivery, services follow-up and monitoring.
  • In-Home Services
  • Housekeeping/Chores- Making and changing beds, dusting and vacuuming, light cleaning of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, dish washing, shopping, laundering, meal preparation, bill paying and other essential errands and escort to Medical appointments.
  • Homemaking/Personal Care- Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, walking,transferring, eating, routine skin care and help with equipment such as walker and wheelchairs.
  • Ancillary Services, such as linkage to personal emergency response systems.
Who is eligible?
  • Persons who are over 60 years of age; and
  • Have low income but are above Medicaid level; and
  • Are impaired as shown by the need of assistance of another person; and
  • Have unmet needs for such assistance; and
  • Are not eligible for the same or similar services through another program such as Medicare, Medicaid or Adult Protective Services.
How is eligibility determined?
  • Eligibility is determined through an assessment of your situation, needs and financial eligibility in your home by an EISEP Case Manager.
Is there a charge for services?
  • There is no charge for Assessment or Case Management services.
  • There may be a charge for In-Home and Ancillary Services. This fee is based on income as determined in the financial assessment. 
  • Contributions to the program are gratefully accepted and will be used to expand the program.
Where do I call for information?
Please contact NY Connects for more information at (716) 438-3030.
Did you know?
  • In the mid-eighties, the EISEP program, which provides case management and homecare, was established with a grant from New York State. 
  • This program added money to the Office for the Aging budget and allowed the Office to expand services that were in great demand.
The Office for the Aging is funded by the New York State Office for the Aging with Older Americans Act and New York State funds, and by Niagara County.

Contributions are welcomed and are used to enhance our programs.  Suggested Contributions