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Niagara County Approves Funding for Vaccination Hires

Author: Kevin Schuler/Wednesday, January 6, 2021/Categories: General, Legislature

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The Niagara County Legislature unanimously approved a resolution last night to allocate $101,458 from its contingency fund to create and fill part-time positions that will help administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the public when the vaccine doses become available.  The county intends to vaccinate the public through Point of Dispensing Sites (PODS).

Specifically, these funds will allow the county to hire three (3) part time/per diem firefighter EMTs and ten (10) part time/per diem paramedic positions to assist with vaccinations.  The County Health Department will begin Phase I vaccinations next Tuesday.  Nursing home vaccinations are already underway through a federal program and hospitals have begun vaccinating priority groups as well.

“The Niagara County Departments of Health and Emergency Services have an excellent plan in place to deliver the vaccine and will utilize firefighter EMTs and paramedics from Niagara County to assist existing staff in these operations,” said Niagara County Legislature Chairman Becky Wydysh, who is a member of WNY Vaccination Hub.  “These funds allow us to hire those individuals.”

According to Legislator Dave Godfrey, Chairman of the Community Safety and Security Committee, this expenditure represents half of the county’s entire contingency fund for 2021.

“We were optimistic that since New York State has been dictating so much of the vaccination process that they would provide funding to help implement the plan but thus far, we have no indication that such funding is going to happen,” said Godfrey.  “So while it’s a little disconcerting spending half your contingency one week into the year, the fact is there is no better use of county dollars than getting people vaccinated.

“I will add that as a community, we are very fortunate to have so many trained firefighter EMTs and paramedics who are willing to step into these part-time positions.”



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