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Author: SuperUser Account/Wednesday, January 1, 2014/Categories: General

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LOCKPORT—Several Niagara County lawmakers took their oaths of office Wednesday as a new Legislature with three new faces began to take place around a core of veterans, including an 11-member supermajority that will continue to lead the deliberative body after 10 years in charge.

As state Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, and a host of judges, parents, and other authorities administered oaths and held family Bibles, legislators began their terms with a financially stable county government that just succeeded in passing its latest tax cut for county residents, a 1.6 percent decrease—the latest in a series of cuts that have lowered county taxes by 13.4 percent over the past decade.

View several photos of county lawmakers and others taking their oaths Wednesday as they prepare to address challenges as diverse as costly unfunded mandates from laws like the unpopular NY SAFE Act and restructuring county healthcare costs to mundane year-to-year issues like road maintenance and delivery of various social services.

The new Legislature meets for the first time Jan. 7, when it will organize by electing a chairman, vice chairman, and leaders of the 11-member Majority Caucus and four-member Minority Caucus.

Andres Bradt Inauguration

Andres Bradt Inauguration:  Newly-elected members of the North Tonawanda delegation to the Niagara County Legislature took their oaths at North Tonawanda City Hall Wednesday as nearly 100 family members, well-wishers, and city government leaders looked on.  Pictured are Legislator Richard L. Andres, R-North Tonawanda, daughter Samantha, son Richie, and wife Colleen, Legislator Randy Bradt, R-North Tonawanda, daughter Reanna, and wife Amy.  The two succeed longtime lawmakers Peter E. Smolinski and Paul B. Wojtaszek, who left elected office at the ends of their terms.




Nemi Inauguration


Nemi Inauguration:  State Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, administers the oath of office to Niagara County Legislator Tony Nemi, R-Lockport, at Pendleton Town Hall Wednesday.  Nemi's large legislative district includes the west side of the City of Lockport, portions of the Town of Lockport, and the entirety of Pendleton.  The longtime coach, referee and umpire chaired the Legislature's Administration Committee during his last term.






 Wheatfield Inauguration


Wheatfield Inauguration:  State Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, administers the oath of office to two of Wheatfield's three county lawmakers Wednesday at the Wheatfield Community Center.  Taking their oaths are Legislator William L. Ross, C-Wheatfield, whose wife Linda is holding the family Bible, and Legislator Dave Godfrey, R-Wilson, whose wife Julia, who is also Wilson's elected tax collector, holds their family Bible.  Not pictured is Legislator Kathryn Lance, R-Wheatfield, who was also at Wednesday's inaugural festivities at the red, white, and blue bunting-bedecked community center.



 Pendleton Inauguration

Pendleton Inauguration:  County lawmakers were not the only officials being sworn in Wednesday, and in Pendleton, control of town government changed hands.  Taking their oaths are newly-elected Town Councilmen Dave Fischer, R-Pendleton, and Aimee Jarvis, I-Pendleton, as Fischer's wife, Barbara, and son, Alex, and Jarvis's husband, Jeff, look on.  The new Town Board members will join a new majority helmed by Town Board veteran David Leible, R-Pendleton.





Ortt Inauguration


Ortt Inauguration:  In the Lumber City, Mayor Robert G. Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, begins his second four-year term after a landslide re-election last November, taking the oath of office from Sen. George D. Maziarz, R-Newfane, as wife Meghan looks on.  North Tonawanda also swore in a mix of new and returning aldermen and the re-elected City Attorney Shawn Nickerson—as well as new county legislators Richard L. Andres, R-North Tonawanda, and Randy Bradt, R-North Tonawanda.




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