Niagara County - Niagara Falls

February 7, 2012

FEBRUARY 7, 2006 – 7:00 PM

Resolution not on previous agenda:

AD-001-06 - Administration, re WiFi Grant-budget modification – Data Processing. Approved

IL-003-06 - Leg Cuddahee, re reduction of legal fee for SBL #144.81-3-47. Referred to Administration

PW-001-06 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara & the Olcott Lions Club. Approved

PW-002-06 - Public Works, re transfer of Day Rd property Home Rule Message Senate Bill No. 3335 & Assembly Bill No. 6592. Approved

Regular Meeting – February 7, 2006

AD-002-06 - Administration, re election inspection payment schedule – Board of Elections

*AD-003-06 - Administration, re renewal of contract for property & casualty claims administration consulting & loss prevention services – Risk Management

*AD-004-06 - Administration, re property/boiler & machinery coverages for fiscal year 2006 – Risk Management

*CS-001-06 - Community Services & Administration, re annual mortgage tax retention fee – Co Clerk

CS-002-06 - Community Services & Administration, re abolish one full-time Licensed Practical Nurse position, fund and fill one regular part-time Licensed Practical Nurse position, create & fill one regular part-time Licensed Practical Nurse position - Mt. View

*CSS-001-06 - Community Safety/Security, re Town of Cambria Water Dept security fencing general contract Change Order No. 1-Homeland Security - Emergency Management

*ED-004-06 - Economic Development & Administration, re authorization for agreement between Co of Niagara & Empire State Development regarding the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base

IL-004-06 - Leg Apolito, re Niagara County tax relief for the City of Lockport’s water line

IL-005-06 - Leg Syracuse, re Olcott pen rearing and hatchery pump funding

IL-006-06 - Leg Syracuse, re resolution directing the Co Manager to complete an RFP on the sale or lease of the Niagara Co Golf Course

*PW-003-06 - Public Works & Administration, re 2006 Environmental Monitoring contract for NC Refuse Disposal Dist

*PW-004-06 - Public Works, re acceptance of Amendment B 2003-04 Snow & Ice Agreement

PW-005-06 - Public Works, re expenditure of County Road Fund monies – DPW Highway

*PW-006-06 - Public Works & Administration, re budget modification – Parks

*PW-007-06 - Public Works & Administration, re acceptance of proceeds from sale of property to Waterford Estates

*PW-008-06 - Public Works, re Shared Municipal Services Incentive Grant program

*PW-009-06 - Public Works & Administration, re Loveland Rd embankment remediation Change Order No. 1 & final

*PW-010-06 - Public Works & Administration, re elevator upgrade at Niagara Co Courthouse & Angelo DelSignore Civic Building project acceptance and final payment

PW-011-06 - Public Works, re replacement of the Tonawanda Creek Rd Bridge over the Erie Canal BIN 4454240, Town of Pendleton

PW-012-06 - Public Works, re award Fitch Rd Bridge replacement project

PW-013-06 - Public Works, re award NCCC window & door replacement project-electrical contract

PW-014-06 - Public Works, re award NCCC window & door replacement project-general contract 
Michael P. Carney, Clerk
Niagara County Legislature

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items

Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on February 21, 2006