Niagara County - Niagara Falls

October 4, 2005

OCTOBER 4, 2005 – 7:00 PM

*AD-034-05 - Administration, re acceptance of Wifi Grant – Data Processing

AD-035-05 - Administration, re Property Claim Settlement NCCC High–Speed Copier – Risk

AD-036-05 - Administration, re Tobacco Asset Securitization – Co Manager

AD-037-05 - Administration, re line item transfer – Special Litigations – County Attorney

CS-053-05 - Community Services & Administration, re waiver of residency requirement-Children & Adults with Special Needs - Health

CS-055-05 - Community Services & Administration, re create & fill Caseworker position – DSS

*CS-056-05 - Community Services & Administration, re budget modification-Office for the Aging for Nutritional Services – Aging

*CS-057-05 - Community Services & Administration, re budget transfer-A4310 Court ordered County mandated costs – Mental Health

*CSS-055-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re Niagara Co 2005 State Aid for Probation Services – Probation

*CSS-056-05  -Community Safety/Security, re contract for new hire exams – Sheriff

*CSS-057-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re renewal of Aid to Crime Laboratories grant – Sheriff

*CSS-058-05 - Community Safety/Security & Administration, re budget modification-accept funds for Project Impact – Sheriff

*ED-010-05 - Economic Development & Administration, re acceptance of additional USEPA Brownfields 2005 grant funds – Economic Development

IL-054-05 - Legs Virtuoso, Kimble & Administration, re ending casino revenue sharing stalemate

IL-056-05 - Leg Andrews, et al & Administration, re request for Attorney General probe into gasoline “price gouging”

IL-059-05 - Leg Burmaster & Simonson, re resolution in opposition to Department of Homeland Security’s Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

*PW-089-05 - Public Works & Administration, re fund transfer-replacement of Carmen Rd drainage – Public Works

*PW-090-05 - Public Works & Administration, re acceptance of FEMA reimbursement-payment to the Town of Hartland – Public Works

PW-091-05 - Public Works, re Wheeler Rd Bridge over East Branch Eighteenmile Creek, Town of Hartland, Niagara Co – Public Works

PW-092-05 - Public Works, re Quaker Rd Bridge over Fish Creek, Town of Somerset, Co of Niagara – Public Works

*PW-093-05 - Public Works, re extension of Snow & Ice agreement – 2005-2006 – DPW Highway

PW-094-05 - Public Works, re Stone Rd Bridge over Eighteenmile Creek, Town of Lockport, Niagara Co – Public Works

*PW-095-05 - Public Works & Administration, re Loveland Rd Embankment Remediation funding – Public Works

*PW-096-05 - Public Works & Administration, re Frontier Fire Tower electrical contract project acceptance-Change Order No. 2 & final payment – Public Works

*PW-097-05 - Public Works & Administration, re NCCC Bldg “H” restoration project acceptance & final payment – Public Works

*PW-098-05 - Public Works, re award Civic Bldg HVAC engineering consulting services – Public Works

PW-099-05 - Public Works & Administration, re resolution reserving the right to decline renewal of the cooperative agreement between the Co of Niagara and the Town of Lockport regarding the development of a recreational area

PW-100-05 - Public Works & Administration, re resolution authorizing settlement of litigation relating to the agreement between the Co of Niagara and Universal Builders General Contractors, Inc. – Public Works

*PW-101-05 - Public Works, re approval of agreement between the Co of Niagara and the United Way of Niagara for the Holiday Lights of Niagara Program – Public Works 
Michael P. Carney, Clerk
Niagara County Legislature

* Indicates Preferred Agenda items

Attachments for resolutions may be obtained in the office of the Clerk of the Legislature upon request. 

The next meeting of the Legislature will be held on October 18, 2005.